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Anti-displacement and Relocation Plan

The City of Colorado Springs has adopted a Real Estate Manual that details how all land and property acquisitions are to be conducted within the metropolitan area.  The manual provides information regarding relocation and displacement.  The Housing and Community Development Division follows the Uniform Relocation Act (URA) and the City’s real estate manual.

Neighborhood revitalization and development tend to trigger concerns regarding displacement of residents as an area is revitalized.  In addition, there is a major concern regarding property demolition and replacement of said property, particularly housing units.  The City of Colorado Springs, through the Housing and Community Development Division, discourages displacement of resident in all federally funded projects.  The plan utilized by the City eliminates or minimizes the likelihood of displacement of residents.  All proposed projects are reviewed to ensure that the displacement of citizens is non- existent or minimal.  If displacement occurs as a result of one of the federally funded projects, the City of Colorado Springs will provide full relocation assistance as required by the Uniform Relocation Act, as amended, and as required at 24CFR 570.606. to each eligible individual, household or business displaced as a result of the program.  The levels of assistance to be provided are:

  • Counseling and information
  • Moving assistance
  • Re-establishment benefits

The third step covers any increase in expenses that occurs when there is a move to a new unit with a higher rent than the previous location.  The City of Colorado Springs does not presently fund business relocation through its federal block grant program.  In the future if this should occur, the City will follow the applicable Uniform Relocation Act rules.  For businesses, the re-establishment assistance equals the difference in rent for up to 24 months.  Residents receive 42 to 60 months of assistance, depending on income.

The first step in analyzing projects for funding is the impact the project will have on the residents in the area of redevelopment.  If rental units are acquired with CDBG or HOME funds, the City will work with the developer to minimize the risk of displacement by encouraging a staged approach to rehabilitation of the property to eliminate the need for relocation of current residents.  In addition, if a structure is demolished with CDBG or HOME funds, the City will make every reasonable attempt to replace that structure with a comparable structure.

For more detailed information regarding the City’s real estate transaction guidelines please refer to the City’s Real Estate Manual at  Sections 1.5 and 2.8 of the manual discuss relocation.  The manual was adopted by City Council in 2007.