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City of Colorado Springs / Emergency Management / After the Fire Flooding Risk Information

After the Fire - Flooding Risk Information

The recent Waldo Canyon Fire has significantly changed the landscape, presenting risk of debris flow and flooding. Hillsides once protected by vegetation have been compromised and precipitation could have significant impacts on the landscape. Residents both in the burned area and those downstream of those areas should be prepared for potential flooding and are strongly urged to purchase flood insurance.

Download the Flood Preparedness Brochure

View Flash Flood Preparedness Meeting Video -  June 4, 2013

DURING a Flood Event

  1. Move to higher ground and avoid areas subject to flooding.
  2. Do not attempt to walk across flowing streams, drive through flooded roadways or allow children to play in drainage areas (just 6 inches of moving water can knock an adult off their feet).
  3. If water rises in your home before you can evacuate, move to the top floor, attic or roof.
  4. Stay aware of local flash flood warnings through local radio, TV and on Have a battery-operated radio available.
  5. If you come in contact with floodwaters, wash your hands with soap and disinfected water.
  6. If you see clogged inlets or other public drainage infrastructure problems, report it immediately to:
    • City Streets Division (719) 385-5934
    • El Paso County Public Service Dept. (719) 520-6891
  7. Reserve the use of 9-1-1 for life-threatening emergencies. For non-emergent needs requiring public safety response, call 444-7000 within City limits or 390-5555 in El Paso County. For information related questions, call Pikes Peak United Way Information & Referral at (719) 955-0742.


Receive Weather Alerts

Register for Weather Alerts to be sent to your cell phone

A few Internet links for information regarding weather radios and smart phone apps are listed below. However, please note that there are many other online vendors available through internet search “weather radios”:


BEFORE a Flood
- Flood Preparedness

  1. Create a plan to move everyone in your family to higher ground during a flood event and make sure each member of your family understands the plan.
  2. Have a 72-hour kit ready to go in case you need to evacuate – Remember the 6 P’s in your planning – papers, pills (medicine), phone, pets, purse (money) and photos.
  3. Stay aware of local flash flood warnings through local radio, TV and on Have a battery-operated radio available.
  4. Register your phone (landline or cell) for emergency notifications at
  5. Purchase flood insurance – most homeowners’ policies do not cover flooding. (
  6. Take photos of your belongings in case you need to file insurance claims after a flood event.
  7. Take time to read the wealth of information on flooding on this page




Waldo Canyon Fire Information





Areas of heightened concern:

To see if your home or neighborhood is in a flood risk area, view the

Flash Flood
Risk Analysis

Waldo Canyon Fire:
Post Fire Flood Risk
Interactive Map
_(FEMA) _

  • North Douglas Creek (second largest burn area with drainage flows to the City) -- drains to a channel running through subdivisions west and east of Centennial (originating near Pikeview Quarry, crossing under Flying W Ranch Road and Centennial Blvd, along Mule Deer Drive just west of Ute Valley Park), crossing Garden of the Gods Road near Elkton Drive and discharging to Monument Creek 
  • South Douglas Creek -- drains to a channel next to Flying W Ranch Road, crossing Garden of the Gods Road at Arrows West Drive and heading east, past Centennial Blvd through Holland Park, and discharging to Monument Creek 
  • Camp Creek/31st Street channels (largest burn area with drainage flows to the City) -- drains through Queens Canyon, through Glen Eyrie, Garden of the Gods, Rockledge Ranch and 31st Street channel, and discharging to Fountain Creek    
  • Dry Creek through Peregrine and Rockrimmon, in a channel running through subdivisions, parallel and south of Woodmen Road, crossing under Rockrimmon Blvd, and discharging to Monument Creek  
  • Fountain Creek beginning upstream of Manitou Springs then running through Colorado Springs next to Highway 24 
  • Williams Canyon located west of Manitou Springs and north of Highway 24 
  • Majestic Drive and Majestic Park
  • Ute Pass/US 24 (Additional flooding information for El Paso County, areas outside of City limits)
  • Any moderately to heavily burned areas and areas downstream


Flood Mitigation Efforts & Potential Assistance for Landowners

  • Since June 25, the City has been actively engaged in assessing these areas and putting together an experienced team of contractors and agencies who will collaborate on lessening impacts from future flood flows. The damage assessment is very extensive and will take several weeks and possibly months to complete.
  • All Colorado private landowners impacted by the Waldo Canyon Fire as well as landowners downstream of this area, should be prepared for the potential of flooding. Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS) may be able to provide you with some assistance.


Useful Links for Flood Information