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Greener Corners Public Space Recycling Program


Click here to view Colorado Springs' public space recycling stats, and what's recyclable in our program.


The City of Colorado Springs, in partnership with Greener Corners, offers a public space recycling program at no cost to the city or taxpayers.  Implemented in April 2011, there are currently 115 combination trash and recycle bins located in the core downtown area and 90 bins throughout seven of the City's large community parks and sports complexes (Acacia Park, Memorial Park, Palmer Park, Goose Gossage Sports Complex, Leon Young Sports Complex, Skyview Sports Complex, and the parking lot at Red Rock Canyon).  Plans to expand the program to more areas of the city are in the works.

Greener Corners provides, installs and maintains the recycling stations, and sells advertisements that are placed on recycle bins to cover the cost of the recycling program and earn additional revenue for the City.  A local project manager, sales manager, and maintenance team operate the Greener Corners program from their offices on Tejon Street downtown.  Recycle Bin

"Greener Teams" are being assembled from community groups and volunteers to conduct public awareness campaigns and educate citizens about the benefits of recycling. Green Team recruitment is ongoing.  Citizens may join the Green Team by contacting the educational coordinator at or 888-LOOK-4-GC. 

Through collaboration with the Environmental Protection Agency, Greener Corners also provides community impact progress reports with tangible results such as saved trees and pollution reduction. Recyclables are hauled along with trash by Waste Management, the City's current contracted waste hauler.  

The City hopes to eventually have more than 400 recycling bins in public areas and parks throughout Colorado Springs.            

Contact Greener Corners:

Program Manager
Madeleine Mellini

Greener Team Coordinator