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It is illegal for any person to possess or discharge any fireworks, other than sanctioned displays in the city of Colorado Springs. ALL FIREWORKS ARE ILLEGAL, that includes Roman candles, cherry bombs, M-100's, M-80's, shells and mortars, helicopters, bottle rockets, and sparklers, to name a few. Fire bans may impact and change standard regulations - please check your local municipality for fire ban or fireworks prohibition information

Personal use of fireworks result in about 9,500 injuries each year that require medical attention (N.F.P.A. 6/2003)

55% of firework-related injuries are burns, and most of those burns involve the hands, eyes, and head

Nearly 40% of victims of firework-related injuries are under the age of 15, and these numbers are increasing each year

Most fires caused by fireworks are not reported

Sparklers are the leading product involved in injuries to children under the age of 5

Sparklers reach temperatures greater than 1800° F at the tip - hot enough to ignite clothing

Colorado averages about 1,100 fires caused by fireworks

80% are brush, weed and outside fires



Attend public displays -- they're fun!

Never allow young children to play with fireworks

Check to see if fireworks are legal before purchasing or using them

If your misuse of fireworks causes a fire, arson charges could be leveled against you

Please contact the Colorado Springs Fire Department if you have questions about the prohibition of fireworks in Colorado Springs





The Colorado Springs Fire and Police Departments advises you to have a SAFE and FUN 4th of July!


Colorado Springs Fire Department * 375 Printers Parkway
719.385.7367 *, click on Public Safety, then Fire Safety