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copp - child occupant protection program
Common Misues of Child Seats

  • Child not secure in Child restraint system
  • CRS not anchored in vehicle
  • Rear facing seat placed in front of airbag
  • Infant placed forward facing in any seat
  • Harnessing errors
         Harness too loose (should be able to only fit 1 finger between harness strap
         and child’s shoulders)
         Harness routed through wrong slots (should be top slots when forward facing)
         Retainer clip not at armpit level      Harness frayed or damaged
         Harness knotted or pinned or incorrectly routed
  • Installation errors
         Incorrect incline angle (45 degrees rear facing) (upright when forward facing)
         Vehicle belt too loose or not locked (1 inch test side to side front to back)
         Vehicle belt routed incorrectly
         Locking clip not used or incorrectly placed (consult car seat manufacturer’s
         instructions and or vehicle owner’s manual)
  • Using second hand CRS with unknown history or missing parts
  • Using Seat belt or CRS that has been involved in a crash Other considerations:
  • Children ages 12 and under are safest when properly buckled in the rear seat.
  • Tell parents to stay informed about child safety seat recalls; have them fill out the registration card that comes with new child seats. Once the card is mailed in, the seat manufacturer will contact the parents if there is a safety recall.
Children in Crashes:
Children are more vulnerable to injury in crashes because:
  • Larger head-higher center of gravity
  • Soft skull bones
  • Rounded hip bones (prevents lap belt from staying low on hips
  • Weak abdominal muscles