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City of Colorado Springs / Police / Be SAFE / Carseat Safety Program

copp - child occupant protection program
The Colorado Springs Police Department has implemented a Child Occupant Protection Program aimed at providing a proactive approach to prevent the unnecessary death and injuries of children caused by improper restraint in motor vehicle crashes in and around the Colorado Springs area.
Mission Statement:

The mission of the child occupant protection program is to reduce injuries and death to children in motor vehicle crashes by providing comprehensive education on vehicle seat belt systems and child safety seats to parents and caretakers within the Colorado Springs Community. This program is designed to provide readily available resources to the community to answer their entire child safety seat and vehicle seat belt questions.
The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration reports:

In 2005, there were an estimated 6,159,000 police-reported traffic crashes, in which 43,443 were killed and 2,699,000 people were injured. 600 to 700 children die per year. 75,000 children are injured per year. Motor Vehicle crashes are the major cause of traumatic brain injury, spinal cord injury, and seizures. The report also shows that the majority of young children riding in motor vehicles continue to be restrained by some type of child safety seat or seat belt, with 98 percent of infants and 89 percent of children ages 1 to 3 so restrained.
Rear Facing Infant Seat
All children 0-1 years of age and 0-20lbs
should be in a rear facing infant or
convertible car seat.
Front Facing Child Seat
All children 1-4 years of age and 20-40lbs
should be in a convertible or forward
facing car seat.


Booster Child Seat
All children 4-8 years of age, and under 4'9" tall should be in a car seat, or booster seat.

Adult Car Seat
All children 8 years of age and older should be in a properly worn vehicle seat belt system.
The photo above is of a child over 4’9” tall wearing vehicle safety belt properly. Children 8 years old an under 4'9" should be in a booster seat until they fit the criteria for proper fit.
NOTE: Lap belt riding across hips appropriately and shoulder belt rides across middle of chest and is off the neck. Allowing your child to put the shoulder harness of the seat belt behind their back or tucked under their arm could compromise the effectiveness of the seatbelt and result in injury or even death in a motor vehicle crash. 

Did you know child restraint systems are:

  • 71% effective in reducing deaths for infants in passenger cars;
  • 54% effective in reducing toddler deaths;
  • Reduce the need for hospitalization by 67%;
  • A childs height is the best predictor of proper seat belt fit; and
  • Misused 8 out of 10 times; and
  • Effective in preventing minor injuries 50% of the time.

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