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Fraud Against the Elderly


Fighting Fraud Against Older Consumers
Shopping by telephone is very convenient, and there are many legitimate companies that do business through telemarketing. Unfortunately, the telephone is also used by crooks every day to commit armed robbery against consumers.

How to Spot a Scam

Think You Hear Opportunity Calling?: Telemarketing Scams

Tempted? Don't Let Swindlers Through the Door: Door-to-Door Scams

You May Already Be A Winner!: Mail Fraud

Think Twice - Or You May Get Stung: Con Games

Don't Get Burned on a Bargain Vacation: Vacation Schemes

Don't Let Them Start What They Won't Finish: Home Improvement Cons

Looking For a Way to Work at Home?: Work-at-Home Scams

Think You're Cut Out to be a Fat Cat?: Investment Scams

Worldwide Web of Cheaters, Liars and Thieves: Internet Scams

Am I Hearing Right?: Hearing Aid Scams

Take Care and Beware: Health Care Fraud

Making Hard Decisions for Loved Ones: Nursing Home Admissions

Sorrow and Financial Vulnerability: Funeral-Related Decisions

Are You Sure I'm Insured?: Insurance Scams

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