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CSPD Identity Theft Brochure

"Identity Theft" is an informal term for a class of crimes where someone acting without permission or legal authority uses another individual's personal identifying information to impersonate him/her, and in this assumed capacity, uses that information to defraud. Colorado Revised Statutes 12-14.3-106.5 provides that credit reporting agencies must permanently block the distribution of adverse credit information on a consumer when the consumer has submitted a police report to the credit agency, alleging that he/she has been the victim of identity theft, resulting in adverse credit information.

When the crimes involved in these cases actually occur in the City, they should be investigated and reported in the usual manner. However, in many such cases, the location of the actual crime may be in another state, or even in another country. This leaves a citizen with few practical options regarding generating a police report with which to correct erroneous credit reports arising out of criminal frauds. Needless to say, this can be extremely frustrating.

The Colorado Attorney General has encouraged local law enforcement agencies of this state to assist citizens in making these case reports, so that the citizen can repair damage done to his or her credit, regardless of where the crime has occurred. With the passing of the new Identity Theft statute and a change in reporting guidelines in July of 2006, the Colorado Springs Police Department has changed the way it handles cases that occur in another jurisdiction.

When a person who lives in Colorado Springs is victimized by a suspect from another jurisdiction, the Colorado Springs Police department will take a police report for the victim as a courtesy. This will be done to assist the individual with documenting the incident for credit reporting purposes. This can be done through a call for service request by the individual who is a victim.

It is important that individuals reporting these out of jurisdiction offenses be aware that the Department is accepting the reports as a courtesy, and that no investigation or other official action will be undertaken by CSPD. The individual does have the option to also attempt to contact the law enforcement agency where the offense occurred to pursue any further action regarding the incident.


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