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The Colorado Springs Police Department is discontinuing the bicycle registration program; however, it is extremely important that you have detailed information recorded for all of your valuables, not just your bicycle.  By documenting all of the necessary information on your valuables it will assist in the recovery of these items should you become the victim of a crime in which these items are stolen.

Having a detailed inventory of valuables will also assist you when making insurance claims for property stolen or damaged. If you become a victim, it is very difficult to remember everything you have missing.
  1. Periodically update your inventory form
  2. Store the inventory away from your home to protect from losing it during a theft, fire, natural disaster, etc.
  3. Photograph unique items, such as jewelry. Documentation of items through photography will assist in recovery.
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The City of Colorado Springs does not endorse or support these organizations.  We are providing links to this information as a courtesy to our citizens.