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Steering Committee


Steering Committee Meetings are open to the public
Colorado Springs City Councilmember Jan Martin (left) is one of 25 Steering Committee members. Click photo for complete member summary.

The final Steering Committee meeting was held April 8, 2011. The Committee has completed its Findings and Recommendations which can be found on the Project Overview/Background page of this web site.







 Steering Committee Role and Responsibilities

A Steering Committee of representatives from each of the municipalities and jurisdictions within the study area, other government agencies, community organizations and citizen groups will provide input and will guide the study.

The Committee will meet monthly, starting in August and continuing through April.  Throughout the study, Steering Committee members will receive information on transit service in peer cities, funding options for transit, legal and legislative constraints, and on the results of the ongoing public outreach that is a critical part of the study, including a public opinion polling effort.

As representatives of larger groups within the Pikes Peak community, Steering Committee members are expected to report back regularly to their constituents, as well as bring their feedback to the Steering Committee.

The MMT staff and consulting team will provide the following support to the Steering Committee:

Steering Committee Meetings are open to the public
Study Vice-Chair Ray Krueger speaks at monthly Steering Committee Meeting.

1.      The MMT staff will coordinate dates, times and locations and meeting logistics for each meeting

2.      The consulting team will draft agenda and minutes; provide to chair for review; and distribute to committee members upon approval

3.      The MMT staff and consulting team will prepare and distribute meeting materials to Committee prior to each meeting

4.      The MMT staff and consulting team will receive information requests from the Committee and respond in a timely manner

5.      Craig Blewitt,  MMT manager, will be the primary point of contact for the Committee