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Goals and Objectives


February 4 Steering Committee Meeting
Steering Committee Members and Citizens participate in February 4 meeting.
The ten-month study will determine the future of regional public transit. The study goals are to achieve the following:

·         An understanding of the citizen needs and support for public transit in the Pikes Peak region

·         More reliable and stable local funding for public transit services

·         A better aligned governance and funding platform for our region

Study objectives are:

·         Build consent on the most appropriate governance and funding structure to deliver regional public transit service

·         Engage area citizens, regional stakeholders, and community leaders to determine the preferred role for public transit in the region, including desired service levels

Governance and funding options being considered:

Steering Committee Meetings are open to the public
Steering Committee Meetings are open to the public.
The steering committee for the Future of Regional Transit study will determine the final set of governance alternatives to be considered, and information on those alternatives will be posted on this website once the committee takes up that issue. It is expected that the committee will consider a very broad range of governance alternatives, including keeping transit within the City of Colorado Springs; making transit a County responsibility; expanding the PPRTA's role in operating and overseeing transit (rather than simply providing funding); and creating an entirely new regional entity to provide public transit.

Could transit service in the region be "privatized?" (For the response to this questions and others, link to the Frequently Asked Question #10)