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What are Great Streets?

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The Great Streets web site ( describes great streets as "a new respect for local communities and traditions in how streets are planned, built and maintained. Streets are central to building these new, 'traditional' communities because of the critical role they play in creating a unique community identity, healthy business environment and public space for citizens to use and enjoy."

Some characteristics of Great Streets include:
Click photo for Public Meetings and Open Houses!
Click photo for Public Meetings and Open Houses!

·         Great Streets are representative of their places.  A Great Street reflects the neighborhood through which it passes and has a scale and design appropriate to the character of the abutting properties and land uses.

·         Great Streets allow people to walk comfortably and safely.  The pedestrian environment on, along and near the street is well-designed and well-furnished. 

·         Great Streets provide mobility.  Great Streets strike an appropriate balance among the three elements of modern mobility:  through travel, local circulation and access. 

·         Great Streets facilitate place-making.  Great Streets incorporate within them places that are memorable and interesting.  These may include plazas, pocket parks, attractive intersections and corners, or simply wide sidewalks fostering an active street life.

·         Great Streets are green.  Great Streets provide an attractive and refreshing environment by working with natural systems.  They incorporate environmentally sensitive design standards and green development techniques