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Useful Links


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A number of communities across the United States, from Seattle to Tampa, are studying streetcar systems or have revived streetcar service to improve mobility, support tourism and encourage economic development and spur urban redevelopment. To learn more about these streetcar systems, click on the links below.


Portland Streetcar System:

-Portland Streetcar Development Oriented Transit Report 
-Portland Streetcar Development Summary
-Development Activity within the Portland Streetcar Local Improvement Districts (map)
-Downtown Portland (map)
-Bicycle Interactions and Streetcars
-Bike Lanes in Portland (photos)

Seattle Streetcar System:


Little Rock River Rail System:


Memphis Area Transit Authority:


Tucson Department of Transportation:


Tampa TECO Line Streetcar System:


Albuquerque Streetcar System:


Ft. Worth Streetcar Study:


U.S Streetcar Systems:


American Public Transportation Association:

The Transport Politic:  Existing Streetcar Systems