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Colorado Springs Streetcar
Copyright 2009 J. David Thorpe
The following goals for the Colorado Springs Streetcar Feasibility Study were established by the Streetcar Task Force, a group of individuals and organizations participating in the feasibility study, which is exploring the potential restoration of streetcar service in Colorado Springs.


The vision below is the collaborative result of the Streetcar Task Force, Dream City 2020 and Imagine Downtown.


Streetcar System Goals

·         Provide a catalyst for economic development while creating community and a sense of place

·         Encourage high ridership

·         Stimulate Colorado Springs as a Front Range tourism destination

·         Encourage local resident use of the streetcar

·         Reflect a sense of Colorado Springs history

·         Encourage walkability of the corridor and all activity centers

·         Offer a clean energy transportation mode

·         Complement an integrated public transportation system

·         Reduce dependency on the automobile and enhance traffic safety

·         Be a sustainable system, to include adequate return on investment



Community vision for the streetcar system (Streetcar Taskforce, Dream City 2020, Imagine Downtown)


·         Driver of economic development

·         Auto traffic downtown reduced or eliminated

·         Develop a new sense of place or identity in downtown

·         Attractive to visitors

·         Integrated with pedestrians and bicycles

·         Financially sustainable (fundable, manageable, long-term viability)

·         Green project

·         Growth of downtown as a core for the region (employment, population, diversity, long term) instead of sprawl

·         Interconnectivity to other areas of the city

·         Point-to-point travel in addition to circulator

·         Implement the vision of our founders

·         Encourage public and social interaction

·         Environmentally friendly

·         Do not adversely impact historic medians

·         Not too rapid, but same speed as autos to preserve safety and tranquility

·         Part of the urban fabric of the city

·         Turn Nevada into a boulevard further north

·         Easily embraced by the community

·         Take advantage of 'lessons learned' from other communities - what worked, what didn't, what can we apply here?

·         Help relieve or mitigate parking congestion downtown

·         Connection from downtown to the airport and other extensions to activity centers