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Purpose of Project

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The purpose of this project is to assess the technical and economic feasibility of a streetcar system for Colorado Springs and determine a streetcar investment's potential for:


·         Enhancing mobility by:

o        Providing additional transportation capacity to help accommodate increasing person trips in the City;

o        Providing additional multi-modal transportation capacity above and beyond that projected by 2030;

o        Encouraging an increase in choice transit riders while continuing to serve the needs of transit-dependent riders; and

o        Providing increased linkages to other transportation modes and activity centers throughout the study area, with the potential for long-term expansion to other major activity centers throughout the region.


·         Enhancing and promoting economic development by:

o        Providing an incentive for new development along transit-friendly mixed-use corridors;

o        Promoting increased local travel for residents, employees, and visitors through the focus of mixed-use employment, residential, and commercial development in the corridor;

o        Promoting neighborhood reinvestment and character preservation that creates stability in residential areas in the City;

o        Helping to develop an attractive streetscape, people-friendly amenities, and mixed use in the City that will help transform auto-dominated streets into  lively, active corridors that support the needs of transit users and encourages people to walk; and

o        Promoting historic preservation and good urban design that contributes to the development of a sense of place and community in the City and its neighborhoods.

·         Providing an environmentally and financially sustainable alternative to the single-occupant auto that:

o        Reduces overall vehicle miles traveled and reduces greenhouse gas emissions per person trip while increasing overall transportation capacity;

o        Encourages and incorporates increased bicycle and pedestrian activity; and

o        Integrates green design into all elements of its implementation.