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About the Study

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Streetcar Task Force Meetings:

 We meet on the last Wednesday of odd months, 8:00 a.m. at the Convention & Visitors Bureau,
515 S. Cascade Ave., 635-7506.

Colorado Springs Streetcar Feasibility Study Project Video (15MB) - NEW!
Final Public Meeting Presentation - June, 2010

As the the Colorado Springs Streetcar Feasibility Study concludes, the citizen-led Streetcar
Task Force has responded to many questions about the need for a streetcar system and
how it will be funded.  The following key messages address some of the most frequently asked

1.  It's important to plan now for initiatives that will spur economic development and
create a livable, walkable, and vibrant city.

2.  The streetcar project is a citizen initiative ... citizens stepping up to spur much
needed economic development and job creation.

3.  The study indicates a starter streetcar system can be funded through numerous
options that won't involve raising local taxes.

4.  Federal funding/grants are available specifically for transit projects.  Those funds
cannot be used for transit operations,city public works, safety, or city maintenance needs.

Background of Study

The Colorado Springs Streetcar Feasibility Study explored the relationship between
streetcars and urban development in Colorado Springs by examining the feasibility
of implementing a streetcar system for downtown Colorado Springs and surrounding
areas along with the associated economic impact. 

Supporting business, residential and cultural development in the downtown core is
an important land use and economic development goalfor the City of Colorado Springs.
Based on the successful implementation of streetcar service and the corresponding
economic development in other cities across the United States, the City of Colorado
Springs looked at the feasibility of building a streetcar system to encourage
business, residential and cultural development in the downtown core. 

The feasibility study was conducted by Mountain Metropolitan Transit to examine
the potential feasibility and costs of developing a streetcar system in the central
business district of Colorado Springs and surrounding areas. It recommended possible
initial alignments and operating and implementation plans, but focused on determining
if such a system is economically fundable by the local community. The study was
co-sponsored and partially funded by Colorado College, the Downtown Development Authority,
the Business Improvement District, the Urban Renewal Authority, the
Old North End Neighborhood, the University of Colorado at Colorado Springs,
and Bircham's Office Products.