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Transit Services Division Updates

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Transit Services Division provides monthly reports to CTAB.  These reports may be accessed through the document links below:

PDF - January 2013 Monthly Transit Report   JANUARY 2013 MONTHLY TRANSIT REPORTspacer(313.6KB)
Transit Rpt_Jan-10, 2013.pdf

Presented at the January 2013 CTAB meeting

PDF - February 2013 Monthly Transit Report   FEBRUARY 2013 MONTHLY TRANSIT REPORTspacer(409.9KB)
Transit Rpt_Feb. 5 2013.pdf

Presented at the February 2013 CTAB meeting

PDF - March 2013 Monthly Transit Report   MARCH 2013 MONTHLY TRANSIT REPORTspacer(617.3KB)
Transit Mar 5-13 CTAB Report.pdf

Presented at the March 2013 CTAB meeting

PDF - April 2013 Monthly Transit Report   APRIL 2013 MONTHLY TRANSIT REPORTspacer(443.9KB)
Transit Rpt to CTAB 4-2013.pdf

April 2013 Monthly Transit Report

PDF - May 2013 Monthly Transit Report   MAY 2013 MONTHLY TRANSIT REPORTspacer(465.8KB)
Transit Rpt May13.pdf

Presented at the May 2013 CTAB meeting

PDF - June 2013 Monthly Transit Report   JUNE 2013 MONTHLY TRANSIT REPORTspacer(1161.7KB)
Transit Rpt_6-4-13.pdf

Presented at the July CTAB meeting

PDF - July 2013 Monthly Transit Report   JULY 2013 MONTHLY TRANSIT REPORTspacer(120.2KB)
Transit CTAB Rpt July 2013.pdf

Presented at the July CTAB meeting

PDF - August 2013 Monthly Transit Report   AUGUST 2013 MONTHLY TRANSIT REPORT spacer(118KB)
CTAB Transit Rpt_8-13.pdf

Presented at the September CTAB meeting

PDF - September 2013 Monthly Transit Report   SEPTEMBER 2013 MONTHLY TRANSIT REPORTspacer(147KB)
Transit Rpt for CTAB 9-2013.pdf

Presented at the September 2013 CTAB meeting

PDF - October 2013 Monthly Transit Report   OCTOBER 2013 MONTHLY TRANSIT REPORTspacer(148KB)
Transit Rpt 10-13.pdf

Presented at the October 2013 CTAB meeting

PDF - November 2013 Monthly Transit Report   NOVEMBER 2013 MONTHLY TRANSIT REPORTspacer(158KB)
Transit Rpt 11-13.pdf

Presented at the November 2013 CTAB meeting.

PDF - December 2013 Monthly Transit Report   DECEMBER 2013 MONTHLY TRANSIT REPORTspacer(159.9KB)
Transit Rpt 12-13.pdf

Presented at the December 2013 CTAB Meeting.