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City of Colorado Springs / Stormwater / Education & Outreach Programs

Education & Outreach

School Presentations

EnviroScape Nonpoint Source Pollution Model®

EnviroScape Presentation
EnviroScape Presentation


An interactive presentation to demonstrate the relationship between daily land-use practices and water quality. Various "pollutants" (cocoa, powdered drink mixes, soy sauce, etc.) are applied to the landscape with subsequent "rainfall" (spray bottles) creating contaminated runoff and a polluted watershed. It's a fun hands-on presentation which kids love!

Colorado Watershed Display

Visual display of the local drainage basins of Colorado Springs, the Fountain Creek Watershed, Arkansas River Watershed, major Colorado watersheds, and the major watersheds of the United States. Students follow the journey of our local waterways learning about the impacts of stormwater pollution and runoff as they pass through various watersheds in route to the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans. 

Flash Flood Safety

With the use of videos, photos, and PSAs, students learn about flash flood safety and the  Ditch Playing in Ditches campaign. In addition, the program promotes safety from chemicals and other dangers in and around our streams, creeks, and drainage channels.

All three presentations are given together in approximately 1 hour. If your group, school, or organization is interested in a presentation, please contact Stormwater Engineering for arrangements at (719) 385-5566.


Storm Drain Stenciling Program             

Stencil Program
Stencil Program

Stenciling kits and fish-shaped stickers are available for storm drain marking. This is a good group activity that educates the public on where storm drains discharge. Great for scout troops, school clubs and church groups interested in environmental activities. Contact Stormwater Engineering for arrangements at (719) 385-5566.


Stormwater Videos 

We offer a variety of videos and DVDs explaining storm water activity, water quality, and flash flood safety. Great for use at schools, clubs, neighborhood organizations, and other community meetings. Contact the Stormwater Engineering for more information at (719) 385-5566.

Upstream Downstream: Protecting Our Water

Video description: There's a few simple things we can all do to help keep our water clean. This short video shows you simple things you can do everyday to start making a positive difference on the environment.

A Ride Through the Storm Drain

Video description: The water drop takes a ride through the storm drain to show how polluted runoff affects water quality.

Stormwater Educational Guides

Covers a variety of Stormwater educational issues and are available by clicking  here.

  • We Can Make a Difference: Tells the story of how kids can make a positive impact on their community by educating them with storm drain stenciling project.
  • Stormwater Activity Guide Booklet: Puzzles and pictures to color. Aids kids in understanding the impacts of pollution on Stormwater.
  • Pet Waste Brochure: Offers information on the proper disposal and hazards of pet waste in relation to stormwater.
  • Car Washing Brochure: Offers information on environmentally positive car washing activities.
  • Oil & Other Automotive Fluids Brochure: Offers information on being environmentally responsible with oil and other automotive fluids.
  • Substitutes for Household Chemicals Brochure Volumes 1,2,3, & 4: Offers information on environmentally positive substitutes for household chemicals.
  • Water Quality Guide for Lawn Care (available in Spanish): Offers information on properly caring for your lawn while considering water quality.
  • Cigarette Butt Brochure: Offers information on cigarette butt litter and the harmful effects on our waterways.

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