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City of Colorado Springs / Parks, Recreation & Cultural Services / Parks, Trails & Open Space / Pavilions, Reservations, and Permits / Fee Waiver Policy

Fee Waiver Policy

This policy establishes parameters for waiving or reducing park use fees for large events and activities.

The Department is regularly approached to waive park use fees for events and activities within the City. This policy is designed to provide an equitable means for event sponsors to apply for fee waivers or reductions and to establish mutually beneficial partnerships between the Department and the community.

A fee reduction or waiver is granted by the Department Manager at the time of the request. The granting of waivers is dependent upon budget and operating impacts. To the extent a reduction or waiver can be granted without negatively impacting the Department's budget or operations, this policy will guide the Manager's discretion.

Policy General Principles

  • There is a limit of one (1) fee waiver/reduction for an event or activity per year.
  • Fee waiver/reduction is available for a variety of large events including sporting, tourism, cultural, general and major community events and activities.
  • Fee waivers/reductions are for Department facility permit fees only. Direct costs including but not limited to, vehicle costs, traffic control, staff time, or other City fees are not eligible for a fee waiver or reduction under this policy.

Fee Reduction
The Manager has the discretion to reduce facility permit fees up to 50% (maximum value of $500 per organization per year) for events that are compatible with City Council and Department priorities. Consideration will be given to events that:

  • Are Sponsored by not-for-profit organizations and non-profit entities that have a documented federal 501(c)(3) status, or a similar non-profit status under state law.
  • Raise the profile of Colorado Springs or the Parks Department through prominent acknowledgement of the Parks Department's support and assistance. Waivers or reductions totaling more than $500 per organization per year may be granted if the significance or scale of the event or activity warrants it.
  • Waivers or reductions totaling more than $500 per organization per year will be subject to conditions, including but not limited to required commercial advertising and promotion of the City and the event or activity.
  1. Expect a high number of attendees.
  2. Address City Council priorities as set forth in the City's Strategic Plan.
  3. Involve more than one Colorado Springs community group.

A total waiver of Department facility permit fees may be granted to any event pertaining to City business, general or municipal elections, memorial services sponsored by veteran or public safety organizations, or an event benefiting a City department, agency or facility where any anticipated proceeds from the event are not expected to exceed the costs of the event.

A not-for-profit organization or a not-for-profit entity may have its Department facility permit fee reduced, further reduced (beyond the fee reduction above), or waived if the organization or entity provides an in-kind or other contribution of goods, services, or programs that will benefit the City of Colorado Springs or its residents. This in-kind contribution may include, but is not limited to, equipment or materials, free attendance for classes or programs, or service projects to improve or to provide programs at City facilities. All proposed in-kind contributions must equal or exceed the value of the reduced Department facility fee or provide a substantial but measurable public benefit.

Other Obligations
Any reduction or waiver of Department facility permit fees above will not affect the applicant's obligation to comply with the remaining qualifications, restrictions and criteria of this policy, to pay other City costs, or to provide a security deposit or insurance as required by this policy or by ordinance. Liquor license fees cannot be waived or reduced.

Applicants that fail to abide by the policy and procedures set forth in this policy will be ineligible to receive future fee waivers or fee reductions for a period of at least one (1) year.

Events/Activities Not Eligible for Waiver or Reduction

  • Events sponsored by private individuals
  • Activities primarily of a fundraising or charitable nature unless the funds directly benefit City-owned facilities
  • For-profit organizations or groups.
  • Events or activities that are not open to the public
  • Organizations based outside the Colorado Springs City limits (unless the demonstrated benefits are primarily to the residents of Colorado Springs).
  • Projects or organizations who have failed to fulfill their obligations during previous events or activities for which Department facility permit fees were waived or reduced.

All recipients of a fee waiver or reduction shall acknowledge the Department in all publicity relating to the event or activity. Acknowledgement includes City or Department logos and statements in all advertising and promotional material, media releases and in other promotional contexts. Promotional opportunities should be detailed in the event application.

Requests for a fee waiver or reduction must be made in writing on this application and delivered, along with a copy of the organization's IRS 501(c) determination letter, as part of a special event application submittal.

Please complete the application in its entirety. Incomplete applications will not be considered. If you need additional space for your justification statement, please feel free to attach more pages.  

The packet should be faxed to (719) 385-6599, emailed to, or mailed to the address below: 
Parks, Recreation and Cultural Services Department
1401 Recreation Way
Colorado Springs, CO 80905
Attn: Special Events Coordinator

The Manager shall determine eligibility and make a decision within 45 days of receipt of the request