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P.O. Box 1575 MC 060
Colorado Springs, CO 80901
Phone: 719-385-7325
Fax: 719-684-0942
Email: pikespeakinfo@spri. . .
Hours: 9:00 am to 5:00 pm

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About Us

Pikes Peak - America's Mountain

Home of the Pikes Peak Highway

Our Mission: Create an unforgettable "Peak" experience by developing and enhancing first-class interpretive programs, world-class facilities, and safe, environmentally sensitive access to "America's Mountain" for the educational and recreational enjoyment of visitors.
About Us: Pikes Peak - America's Mountain operates the Pikes Peak Highway under a term special use permit issued by the U.S. Forest Service. This includes the operation of three visitor facilities and the Pikes Peak Recreational Corridor for activities such as hiking, picnic grounds, and an interpretive trail. Fees provide visitor and Ranger services, highway and facility maintenance and construction, interpretive and educational services, and capital project funding. Pikes Peak - America's Mountain is not a national park.
The visitor facilities are operated by Aramark Parks and Destinations under a concession agreement. They operate the Summit House, Glen Cove Inn and Crystal Reservoir Gift Shop with retail and food services available. The Summit House is a destination in itself. The view from 14,115 feet is fabulous, stretching as far as Kansas or New Mexico on a clear day. Reward yourself with a world famous 14,000 foot donut. For additional information regarding their services or for your FREE dounut coupon visit Aramark's website.   
 USFS  Aramark Pikes Peak Country Attractions Associations


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