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Fire Factor
The Colorado Springs Fire Department has recently created a new prevention program aimed at Juvenile Firesetting.  This new program titled FireFactor was designed for 6th and 7th grade health classes.  This age group is the program's target population as it is the age for which the fire department receives the largest amount of referrals to attend the traditional Juvenile Firesetting Intervention program.
In conjunction with the national efforts of Fire Prevention Week, FireFactor was rolled out in October, 2010 and reached 12 middle schools, 2,200 middle school students and 60 teachers and administrators within a four week period.  Through a 50-60 minute presentation, students were engaged in a thought-provoking discussion centered on the history of fire, the use of fire in today's media, the social acceptance of experimentation with fire, the consequences of firesetting, and decision making. 
FireFactor is provided free of charge to any middle school willing to participate in the program.  This alternative look at Juvenile Firesetting is aimed and based on research about effective teaching techniques with today's tweens and teens as well as research that supports the idea that children today are of a technology and media based generation.  FireFactor uses mediums that kids connect and identify with including clips from current TV commercials, movies and music videos which typically show the "fantasy" of fire and its cool and entertaining effects.  The course also incorporates interactive activities that teach students about the financial, legal, physical and emotional consequences of using fire inappropriately.  This reality is emphasized against the popular mainstream messages seen in today's media.
FireFactor has been widely popular among students and teachers and will roll out again in the Spring of 2011 to additional middle schools within the City of Colorado Springs.  Survey results and demographic research being conducted during the fall session will be used to make continued improvements to the program.
For additional information regarding FireFactor, contact 719-385-7376
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