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Block Captain Responsibilities:
1.    Ensure your group meets at least twice a year by coordinating the meetings, cookouts, block parties, etc. and report the meeting dates to the Divisional Crime Prevention Officer or designee
2.  Neighborhood Watch Block Captains or their substitute will attend a minimum of two training sessions per year and attend the City Wide Neighborhood Watch Block Captain meeting.  E-mail, web pages, or newsletters will announce the meetings/trainings.
3.    Develop a block map and roster for your group that includes names, addresses, and phone numbers and e-mails for each group member. Telephone trees can help expedite emergency information among your neighbors. Neighborhoods a chart (which is continuously updated) that includes the names and phone numbers of all members. Each individual listed on the tree knows whom he is to contact should emergency or other important information need to be disseminated in a hurry. (see Block Captain Handbook)
4.    Develop an alert plan reflecting the name and phone number of each household - e-mail distribution list or phone tree for notification of suspicious activity. (See Block Captain Handbook)
5.    Greet new neighbors and invite them to join the program.
6.    Inform and distribute to group members any crime related information received from the police department representative.
7.    Be the liaison between your Neighborhood Watch group and the CPO.
8.    Sign application and MoU and return to the Divisional Crime Prevention Officer.
9.    Attend one of the Block Captain training modules offered throughout the year.
10. You are responsible to maintain you and your co-captain’s accurate information as the Police Department will not maintain that information