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City of Colorado Springs / Real Estate Services / Easement Encroachment

Easement Encroachment

Submit the following documents to Real Estate Services:
  1. Signed Public Request for Services Form. Form must be signed by the applicant and property owner;
  2. Utility locates (contact Central Locators by dialing 811 to request and obtain written proof showing the locations of all utility lines on the property);
  3. Site plan or Improvement Location Certificate showing the easement and the clearly depicting the area of encroachment; note: if Colorado Springs Utilities has lines in the area, the lines may also need to be shown on the site plan; and
  4. Check or money order for payment of the fee.
  5. Statement of Authority, if applicable.
If approved, the controlling department will determine whether an Easement Encroachment License or letter will be issued. If an Easement Encroachment License is provided, exhibits are required. Depending on the scope of the project, the controlling agency may require that exhibits be prepared by a Colorado Licensed Professional Land Surveyor, and be signed and sealed. The exhibits will be as follows:
Exhibit A - a description of the document establishing the easement to be encroached upon (prepared by Real Estate Services);
Exhibit B - a written description of the area of easement encroachment; and
Exhibit C - a depiction of the easement encroachment area.
The applicant must pay the recording fees.
Questions regarding Easement Encroachments should be directed to Barbara Reinardy at (719) 385-5601 or