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Walk to View Notable Trees in Colorado Springs

Below is the Historic North End Tree Walk Map:

This 4- to 5-mile walk leads you through Monument Valley Park and the historic Old North End neighborhood with its Victorian homes, mansions, and cottage houses (dating back to the 1870s). Many of Colorado Springs' specimen and unique trees are tucked away in this neighborhood with its protected sites and good soils. Take this walk in each season to take in the different coloring and shapes trees provide in our landscapes.

The neighborhood is also filled with many old and large silver maples, green ash, Siberian and American elms, blue spruce, white fir and other evergreens. See the brochure, Trees for Colorado Springs, to find out which ones might do well in your yard.

Abbreviations in the list: HAS - Horticultural Arts Society; MVP - Monument Valley Park; ARC - American Red Cross, P - Private Property. X - Xeriscape.

Some of these trees grow on private property (P). View them only from a public street or alley. Please do not trespass.

Historic North End Tree Walk Map
Historic North End Tree Walk Map
1 Goldenrain Tree Koelrueteria paniculata - Ornamental near center of HAS Garden has lantern-like seed pods. Look around for many Colorado natives here. X


2 Willow (probably black) Salix spp. (nigra) - Suited for wet sites like MVP pond. Brilliant winter twig color.

3 American Elm Ulmus americana - Located north of MVP pond at Heritage Gardens, this American Elm has a perfect umbrella form.

4 Hawthorn Crataegus spp. - Ornamental trees along Glen Av. in MVP have brilliant red to orange fall color. X

5 The Pinetum - Arboretum of pines contains unique pines and cedars. Look south of fence at Scotch Pine with characteristic orange bark.

6 Hackberry Celtis occidentalis - Stately tree in parkway in front of 1205 N. Wood Av. has unique bark. X

7 Eastern White Pine Pinus strobus - Sensitive to pollution, delicate five-needle pine in center median across from 1327 N. Cascade Av., is a survivor.

8 May Day Tree Prunus padus - Recently planted street tree in front of 11 E. Columbia St.; early spring white flowers.

9 Norway Maple Acer platanoides - Beautifully shaped and historic tree in front yard of 1219 N. Tejon St. P

10 American Sycamore Platanus occidentalis - Large tree with olive-green to white bark and maple-like leaves in parkway at 1232 N. Nevada Av.

11 Lodgepole Pine Pinus contorta - Colorado native is unique in urban landscape. Behind fence on Caramillo St. at ARC (1600 N. Cascade Ave.). P

12 Ohio Buckeye Aesculus glabra - 2 trees behind ARC lodgepole pines have whitish bark and palmate leaves that turn orange in fall. P

13 Northern Red Oak Quercus rubra - Cascade center median (1600 block) boasts several large red oaks including some scarlet oaks, all with a scarlet to maroon fall color.

14 Amur Chokecherry Prunus maacki - Orange bark and white flowers are characteristic of ornamental tree in parkway on Del Norte St. at 1700 N. Cascade Av.

15 Black Walnut Juglans nigra - In center median 1700 block N. Cascade Av. are several black walnuts, a difficult tree to transplant; usually planted by squirrels. X

16 Sugar Maple Acer saccharum - Beautiful New England trees in front yard at 1624 N. Tejon St. need good sites and soils to survive in Colorado Springs. P

17 Douglas-Fir Psuedotsuga menziesii - Large Colorado evergreen in front yard at 1715 N. Tejon St. is neither a fir nor a spruce. Note its unique cones with "mouse tails". P

18 Littleleaf Linden Tilia cordata - Conical-shaped tree with dense foliage this linden is a specimen in frontyard of 1726 N. Tejon St. P

19 Sycamore Maple Acer psuedoplatanus - Catch a glimpse of this unique maple standing off the southwest corner of house at 1818 N. Cascade Av. P

20 Japanese Tree Lilac Syringa reticulata - Center median of 1900 block of N. Cascade Av. showcases this under used flowering ornamental. X

21 Kentucky Coffeetree Gymnocladus dioicus - Trees with a unique form were planted along Wood Ave. and MVP (2000 block) by City & Homeowners Assn. X

22 Monument Valley Park Many large and old trees in MVP - including several species of cottonwood.

23 Bur Oak Quercus macrocarpa - Strong-wooded and drought tolerant trees located in Culebra Av. triangle median. These trees were planted in the early 80s.

24 American Beech Fagus grandifolia - Peek at this unique tree with smooth gray bark at west end of house at 123 W. Columbia St. It’s leaves persist into winter. P X

25 Tatarian Maple Acer tataricum - 3 tatarian maples with pinkish summer seeds and varying fall color in front of house at 1433 Alamo Av. are the largest in the City. P X

26 Limber Pine Pinus flexilis - Twigs of this Colorado native with 4-5 needles in a group can be tied in knots. In a grove with some bristlecone pines in MVP.

27 European Mountain-Ash Sorbus aucuparia - Old mountain-ash is largest one in the City. Ornamental has colorful red berries and a brilliant reddish fall color. P

28 Ginkgo Ginkgo biloba - Unique tree with ancient "roots" is common in Eastern cities. A beautiful one stands behind Parks, Recreation & Cultural Services Headquarters building. X

29 Pin Oak Quercus palustris - Grove of oaks is in front of Parks, Recreation & Cultural Services Headquarters building. This tree should only be planted in acidic soils.

30 London Plane Tree Platanus x acerifolia - Tree south of Fine Arts Center in MVP is similar to the American sycamore except fruit in groups of 1 - 3.

31 European Linden Tilia x europaea - Several old European linden in center courtyard north of Armstrong Hall on Colorado College campus.