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The City of Sunshine

Colorado Springs' Municipal Flag
Colorado Springs' Municipal Flag

During the first half of 20th century Colorado Springs proudly proclaimed itself to be "The City of Sunshine". This motto may have been inspired by a poem titled "Colorado Springs" written by Ernest Whitney and published by the Chamber of Commerce in 1898.

The saying was used in a wide variety of promotional pamphlets and official publications beginning in the first decade of the 1900s. It was listed as the city slogan in the annual Colorado Springs City Directory - an early version of the phone book - from 1922 through 1955. At the time the phrase boasted about our sunny, dry climate and was intended to build on the city's international reputation as a health and pleasure resort.

While it grew out of 19th century marketing efforts, the adage had ancient influences. For instance, the Ute name for Pikes Peak translates roughly to "Sun Mountain" for the way the peak reflects the morning sunlight. To this day, the Colorado Springs city flag prominently features a sun symbol.

"City of Sunshine" accurately describes our enjoyable climate, but it also relates to issues that are especially significant today. The word "sunshine" connotes the concepts of openness, hospitality and cooperation which are key elements for our community's image.

Colorado Springs' Municipal Flag

The White Field represents the cleanliness and health of the City, and the Blue Border our Blue Skies; the Shield carries the Sun, of which we are justly proud; the Mountain stands for Pikes Peak, and on it are pictured the gold ingots of our mining industries; the Green Band about the Shield represents the park system surrounding the City.