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Strategic Planning

For 2008, City Council completed a comprehensive review of its strategic plan to tighten the focus of the plan to address the major strategic issues or challenges confronting the City in the next five years. Progress was highlighted in a Mid-Year Progress Report, was evaluated more thoroughly in the Annual Report.

This 2010 Strategic Plan affirms the prioritized strategic goals contained in the 2009 plan and a majority of the strategies, priority projects and key indicators. As a number of milestones were reached in 2009, new milestones have been added to the 2010 plan.

City staff along with community leaders and volunteers have made great strides toward achieving the City Council strategic goals. City staff is proud of the progress it has made on a number of significant issues, strategies and projects during 2010. These efforts will help ensure a brighter long-term future for the City of Colorado Springs.

The City Charter requires City Council to maintain a strategic plan prioritizing City goals and establishing measurable outcomes. It also states that the plan shall include the Comprehensive Plan and the Five-Year Capital Improvements Program. City departments align program plans and budget requests with the goals and strategies contained in all three components of the Strategic Plan.

For 2010:

Click the link to view the 2010 Strategic Plan Annual Report.

Click the link to view the 2010 Strategic Plan.

For 2009:

Click the link to view the 2009 Strategic Plan.

2009 Strategic Plan Pamphlet

For 2008:

Click the link to view the 2008 Strategic Plan.

Click the link to view a 2008 Strategic Plan Pamphlet that hightlights City Council's Strategic Goals.

Click the link to view the 2008 Strategic Plan Annual Report.