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Retail Enhancement Program

Retail Enhancement Program

The City's Retail Enhancement Program (REP), managed by the Business Development Division, was designed primarily to stem sales tax leakage from the City.  REP targets specific geographic areas to promote retail development, infill, and redevelopment opportunities within Colorado Springs.  Other primary outcomes are to promote greater household spending in the local economy and expand the quantity and variety of retail opportunities that match the shopping preferences of Colorado Springs' citizens.

REP has three main components:

Community and Market Research

  • Link area demographic information with associated consumer spending behaviors and preferences
  • Identify new types of retail the City should recruit
  • Assist commercial developers and economic development representatives to recruit unique retail anchors
  • Locate vacant space for optimal business location
  • Identify areas where specific types of retail are underrepresented

Partnerships with Citizens and Private Sector Agencies

  • Solicit consumer input about strengths of current retail and opportunities for improvement
  • Partner with local economic development agencies such as the Chamber of Commerce and the Colorado Springs Regional Economic Development Corporation
  • Consult with real estate agencies, developers' retail specialists, and store retail specialists/managers/owners
  • Work closely with Downtown Partnership and Downtown Development Authority to address unique issues for Downtown, including deteriorating infrastructure and space/footprint limitations

Toolbox of Incentives

  • Expedited annexation and plan review
  • Shared costs of utilities upgrades and deferred/phased utilities connection fees
  • Sales and property tax sharing
  • Shared cost of infrastructure upgrades
  • Use of special districts