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Rapid Response Team

Rapid Response Team

The City's Rapid Response Team (RRT) program is managed by the Economic Development Department, Business Development Division to provide qualifying primary employers with expedited development plan review and permitting.  The Rapid Response Team service is valuable in that it reduces, by about half, the time it generally takes for plans to move through the approval process.  This enables qualifying companies to meet their deadlines, saving time and money.

The Process:

The City Business Development Division determines if the company qualifies for RRT service.

If the company is qualified, City Business Development coordinates a RRT meeting with representatives from each entity that reviews the company's development/building plans and the company's architectural/construction team.  Ideally, this occurs at the conceptual to preliminary design stage.

At the RRT meeting, representatives from appropriate City departments, Pikes Peak Regional Building Department, and Colorado Springs Utilities, discuss the zoning, design, and building requirements that must be incorporated into the final plans.  This meeting accomplishes four objectives:

1.The company's team meets the representatives that will review the plans

2.The company's team hears, prior to final design, specific elements that will be required for plans to meet code

3.The RRT members suggest approaches to reduce the time involved in plan approval and project construction

4.The RRT members will be familiar with and be watching for the company’s plans when submitted

When the company's plans are ready for formal submittal, the company notifies City Business Development so the expedited service can begin.  RRT plans are literally moved to the top of each agency’s priority list, reviewed, and then forwarded to the next reviewer.  Online tracking is available for the company to follow the progress of the plans through each approval and permitting phase.  Issues that may arise go through the City Business Development Division for centralized coordination and resolution.


Members of the Rapid Response Team include:


  • City Economic Vitality Division (RRT contact)
  • City Planning
  • City Development Review Enterprise
  • City Subdivision Engineering Review Team
  • City Fire Department Fire Prevention
  • Pikes Peak Regional Building Department
  • Colorado Springs Utilities