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Memo from City Engineer

DATE:        June 21, 2010
TO:            Engineers, Contractors, Developers and Other Interested Parties
FROM:       Cam McNair, PE - City Engineer
SUBJECT:  Engineering Criteria Manual Updates

In accordance with the authority granted the City Engineer in City Code Section 3.3.102, the recently completed updates to three components of the City's Engineering Criteria Manual are adopted for application in the City of Colorado Springs, effective July 1, 2010. Those three updates are for the:

The City of Colorado Springs Engineering Division has worked for over two years to develop these new standards. This effort has been done in cooperation with the Civil Engineering, Geotechnical Engineering and Traffic Engineering communities; land developers and the Housing and Building Association; the Citizens Transportation Advisory Board (CTAB); internal City staff departments; and other potentially affected interests. These documents are intended to establish consistent standards and procedures for the planning and design of street systems, in accordance with the City's "Complete Streets" policy.

Hard copies of the document as well as CDs can be purchased at City Engineering or City
Office Services for a nominal charge.