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 City of Colorado Springs Comprehensive Plan

 March 27, 2001 

City Council

Mary Lou Makepeace, Mayor
 Linda Barley
Ted Eastburn
Bill Guman
Judy Noyes
James A. Null
Lionel Rivera
Richard Skorman
Leon Young, Vice Mayor

City Administration

James Mullen, City Manager
Pat Kelly, City Attorney
Michael Hall, City Auditor
Philip Tollefson, Colorado Springs Utilities Executive Director
Kathryn Young, City Clerk

City Planning Commission

Zane Bowers, Chair

Roy Clennan
Cedric B. Johnson
Paul Johnson
Chuck Murphy
Steven Obering
Steve Shuttleworth
Steven 'Val' Snider
Jan Winkler

Comprehensive Plan Citizen Steering Committee

Lynn Peterson, Chair

Gary Bradley
Lew Christensen
Vivian Darden
Stu Dodge
Brad Frieden
Jeanette Givens
Les Gruen
Dottie Harman
David Isbell
Nancy Lewis
John Maynard
Randy Reynolds
Rocky Scott

Project Team

Quinn Peitz, City Planning Group Support Manager

Ira Joseph, Comprehensive Planning/Land Use Unit Manager

Annette Boyer, Senior Planner
Phil Friesen, Senior GIS Analyst
Christine Gross, Administrative Technician
Anne Knapp, Senior Planner
David Litzelman, Senior Planner
Ben Lydon, GIS Analyst II
Rob O'Connor, Senior Planner
Tim Scanlon, Senior Planner
Steve N. Vigil, GIS Analyst II
Blake Williams, GIS Analyst II

Technical Advisory Committee


Steve Blanchard, Clean Air Campaign
Fred Crowley, Pikes Peak Area Council of Governments
Bill Davis, Fort Carson
William Kalaskie, Peterson Air Force Base
Gene Logas, School District #49
Arthur Martenie, School District #2
Rob MacDonald, Pikes Peak Area Council of Governments
Heidi Pace, School District #20
Larry Pifer, School District #12
Carl Reinhard, School District #11
Carl Schueler, El Paso County
Fred Van Antwerp, Pikes Peak Area Council of Governments
Vicki Williams, United States Air Force Academy


Dave Hornbacher, Engineering Administration
Charles Morgan, Utilities Administration
Gary Romback Utilities Administration
Mike Worley, Planning and Distribution Services


Mike Anderson, Budget and Financial Analysis
Jerry Bentrott, Police Management Services
Steve Berry, Public Communications
Craig Blewitt, Transportation/Traffic Engineering
Timothy Burke, Public Communications
Martha Craycraft, Office Services
Charles Doolittle, Information Technology
James Hauck, Transportation/Traffic Engineering
David Hens, Budget and Financial Analysis
Jim Higgins, Neighborhood Redevelopment
Liz Hunter, Office Services
Brett Lacey, Fire Prevention
Michael Masciola, Economic Development
Wynetta Masey, City Attorney
William Mills, Fire Public Education
Dave Nickerson, Colorado Springs Companies
Thomas Paine, Police Planning
Terry Putman, Parks & Recreation
Sherre Ritenour, Springs Transit
Tim Roberts, Transportation Planning
Will Schiff, Office Services
Tim Swope, Transportation/Traffic Engineering
Bruce Thorson, Engineering
Paul Tice, Development Review and Zoning
Lee Trovas, City Development & Urban Projects
William Wallace, Fire Fiscal and Planning
Al Ziegler, City Attorney


Balloffet & Associates, Inc.
Duncan associates
Hammer, Siler, George and Associates
KezziahWatkins, Inc.
Kimley-Horn and Associates, Inc.
Talmey-Drake Research & Strategy, Inc.
TranSystems Corporation
URS Corporation