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Approved Comprehensive Plan


This vision for the future of Colorado Springs? is intended to guide the city?s growth to the year 2020. It is based on preserving, protecting, and sustaining the best characteristics of our built and natural environment, on effectively addressing our community needs, and on giving positive direction to the changes and growth we can anticipate, and on finding effective solutions to our existing problems.


* That is the most liveable city on the Front Range of the Rocky Mountains,

* That respects its heritage and its natural setting,

* That projects a highly attractive image and protects its unique character and scenic beauty,

* That provides an incomparable system of open spaces, natural areas, and greenways,

* That is truly a city of neighborhoods - with affordable housing, walkable destinations, convenient parks, and quality schools,

* That establishes positive connections between different land uses and achieves a well designed balance between their location and mix, encourages innovation and creativity in development and the creation of an aesthetically appealing community,

* That successfully integrates the uses and activities that meet the daily needs of residents, including housing, shops, work places, schools, parks, and civic facilities,

* That has a transportation system with a high degree of efficiency, mobility, accessibility, connectivity, and a range of real choices for traveling between destinations within the community,

* That is equitable and fiscally responsible in providing, maintaining, and upgrading public services and infrastructure,

* That supports the economic health of the community by maintaining a strong environment for business environment.and education,

* And that works proactively with other communities to create and maintain a high quality of life in the Pikes Peak Region.