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Metro Rides' tips for successful carpooling

Get to know your fellow carpoolers.   

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o        Meet prospective carpool partners for a cup of coffee or at a public place before driving together.

o        Decide if a trial period is necessary to test compatibility between passengers.

o        If at any time you are not comfortable in your carpool, you are not obligated to continue.

o        Inform Metro Rides of changes in your carpool to remain eligible for your Guaranteed Ride Home benefit. 

Discuss some key questions. 

o        How many days a week will you carpool?

o        How many passengers will there be?

o        Who has a vehicle? If all passengers have a car, who will do the driving? Will the schedule rotate? Some people like to establish primary and alternate drivers.

Happy Carpooler Exiting Vehicle

Establish the Rules of the Road 

o        Establish a driver/vehicle schedule and rideshare payment if necessary (to cover gasoline and maintenance costs).

o        Designate the location of your pick-up and drop-off points.

o        Agree, as a group, on how long past pick-up time the carpool will wait for a rider.

o        Establish a contact list complete with home, work and cell numbers.  Include acceptable calling times in case of weather, change of plans, or emergency. If part of a larger group, this may include creating a "phone tree."  

o        Agree on eating/drinking/smoking/cell phone policies.

o        Decide as a group if the radio will be played and on what station(s).

o        Agree on a personal errands policy.

Gas-saving Driving Techniques

o        Drive with a "soft foot," accelerating/decelerating smoothly.

o        Slow down - vehicles are most efficient at 50-55 mph.

o        Maintain proper tire inflation and change air filter regularly.

o        Remove an unnecessary weight from your vehicle.

o        Use air conditioner sparingly.

o        Remove snow and ice from your vehicle.

o        Avoid unnecessary idling.