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City Sustainability Plan

Sustainability Plan graphic.

The City is currently working on an environmental sustainability plan for the City of Colorado Springs. Completed steps include meeting with key stakeholders, researching other communities, researching local efforts, determining greenhouse gas inventory, indentifying strategies to reduce the City greenhouse gas footprint, and drafting of a plan.

Because the world of sustainability is moving so quickly, City staff are making the data it has gathered available to the public in advance of the draft plan's dissemination. Use the left-hand navigation to access this information. 

Proposed sustainability plan topic areas include the built environment and economic development, energy, natural environment, procurement, transportation, waste management, and water conservation. The plan will primarily serve as a business document for the organization with crossover into the areas where the City currently provides direct public services. Measurable goals, the ability to fund action items, and community input will help determine the final strategies included in the plan.

To submit any implementation strategies that you feel the City should consider, please e-mail


Meeting with representatives from the local US Green Building Council chapter.
Meeting with representatives from the local chapter of the US Green Building Council (USGBC).