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Permits and Letters

There are a variety of permits available for both residential property owners and business owners. The application fee, permit regulations and requirements and review time frame will depend on the type of permit. All permit applications need to be completed and submitted with all of the listed requirements. It takes approximately a week for the review; if additional information is needed, a staff member will contact you. The following information is for reference and informational purposes. For up-to-date information and permit forms, contact the Land Use Review at 385-5905.


Home Day Care: A day care home permit is allowed in any residential zone unless prohibited by the subdivision and/or development covenants. The maximum number of children for a day care home permit is six children plus two after school. A Colorado State license is required to operate a home day care. Any additional children would be classified as a large day care home which will normally require Conditional Use approval by Planning Commission.


Home Occupation: A home occupation permit may be allowed in any residential zone unless prohibited by the subdivision and/or development covenants. There are regulations and specific requirements for home-based businesses with some types of occupations prohibited.


Temporary Use: A permit for a use which is not normally located at a particular site i.e., merchandise tent sale, agricultural sales or Christmas tree sales in a parking lot. For a temporary vendor permit, contact the Land Use Review office for additional information at 385-5905.


Revocable Permit:  A permit for private use of public right-of-way. These types can range from 'permanent' uses to temporary uses of street right-of-way. A revocable permit can be revoked at any time by City Council. 'Permanent' permits can include outdoor cafes, parking, landscaping, lighting, newspaper boxes, etc. Temporary permits can include real estate signs, political signs, dumpsters, POD storage containers, etc. Contact the Land Use Review office for additional information at 385-5905 or


Human Service Establishment: A permit for Colorado State licensed or unlicensed human service establishments that operate for the treatment of individuals that may be physically disabled, developmentally disabled, mentally ill, elderly or terminally ill, youth or individuals involved with domestic violence or economic or social disadvantaged circumstance. Instructions and information on the regulations required to operate a human service establishment are available along with a permit application is below. Contact the Land Use Review office for additional information at 385-5905 or


PDF - Day Care Home Permit   DAY CARE HOME PERMITspacer(179.3KB)

Permit application for a home day care.

PDF - Fee Waiver   FEE WAIVERspacer(29.4KB)

Application to waive application review fees.

PDF - Home Occupation Permit   HOME OCCUPATION PERMITspacer(254.2KB)

Permit application for a home occupation.

PDF - Human Service Establishment   HUMAN SERVICE ESTABLISHMENTspacer(108.5KB)

Permit application for a Human Service Establishment.

PDF - Revocable Permit - Sub-surface   REVOCABLE PERMIT - SUB-SURFACEspacer(121.4KB)

Permit to allow sub-surface structures or private communication cables within the City's right-of-way.

PDF - Revocable Permit - Surface   REVOCABLE PERMIT - SURFACEspacer(119.1KB)

Permit to allow surface encroachments into the public right-of-way.

PDF - Revocable Permit - Temporary Sign   REVOCABLE PERMIT - TEMPORARY SIGNspacer(86.5KB)

Permit to allow temporary signs within the public right-of-way.

PDF - Revocable Permit - Temporary Surface   REVOCABLE PERMIT - TEMPORARY SURFACEspacer(93.8KB)

Permit to allow temporary surface encroachments into the public right-of-way.

PDF - Temporary Use   TEMPORARY USEspacer(137.2KB)

Permit for temporary uses including amusements, storage containers, donation centers, Christmas tree sales, temporary buildings, agricultural sales, and retail promotions.

PDF - Temporary Real Estate Office   TEMPORARY REAL ESTATE OFFICEspacer(164.5KB)

Permit for temporary real estate sales office.

PDF - Temporary Vendor   TEMPORARY VENDORspacer(132.4KB)

Permit to allow temporary vendors within a commercial center.

PDF - Zoning Verification Letter   ZONING VERIFICATION LETTERspacer(288KB)

Application for a zoning verification letter, legal non-conforming/rebuild letter, or compliance inspection.