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Crime Scene Investigations/Photo Lab FAQs
  1. How do I become a Crime Scene Technician?
  1. Currently there are several colleges and universities that have programs in Criminalistics or forensic science. These programs give you basic knowledge required to perform this job but experience in law enforcement (evidence collection, chain of custody, fingerprint processing, photography, etc) is helpful.
  1. Are all Crime Scene Technicians police officers?
  1. No. It depends on the agency. Some police departments, such as Denver Police Department, employ sworn officers to process crime scenes. Other departments, such as Colorado Springs Police Department, employ civilians as crime scene technicians or criminalists.
  1. Can I intern as a Crime Scene Technician?
  1. Not at this time. To avoid an intern being subpoenaed to testify in court interns are normally not allowed to accompany technicians to crime scenes.
Q   Can I volunteer in the Crime Lab?
A. Yes. The Metro Crime Lab values the contribution of volunteers who perform a variety of duties throughout the lab. Inquiries should be directed to the CSPD Volunteer Coordinator at 444-7441.