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Chemistry FAQs
  1. Do chemists respond to crime scenes?
  1. No. The chemists do not routinely respond to crime scenes. Scenes which contain substances which would normally require a chemist are processed by detectives of the Vice, Narcotics and Intelligence unit who are specially trained to recognize and handle the hazardous materials routinely found at clandestine drug laboratories.
  1. Does the chemistry section only test drugs and blood alcohol samples?
  1. No. The chemistry section is now fully trained to conduct comparison analysis and conclusive identification on arson/explosive related cases, as well as, chemical samples of unknown origin.
  1. What are some areas the chemistry section does not handle?
  1. The lab's chemists currently do not process items related to trace analysis, such as hairs, fibers, glass or paint. Trace analysis is conducted by the Colorado Bureau of Investigation.