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Photo of material from the William Jackson Palmer Collection
Materials from the General William Jackson Palmer Collection
  • Manuscripts:
    The manuscript collection contains unpublished personal and business papers which contain correspondence, diaries, and other documents providing scholars and students primary source material related to the history and culture of the Pikes Peak Region.

The following is an inventory of holdings in the Starsmore Center for Local History.

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Aiken Family Collection: (1882-1936) Four folders of material related to Colorado's pioneer naturalist Charles Aiken and his sister Jessie, an artist. Collection includes musical programs, tributes to Charles Aiken, materials related to Aiken Ornithological Society, and a typescript of field notes taken on a trip from Colorado to Arizona in 1876.

Alexander Industries Collection: 1 cubic foot of papers and photographs related to the Alexander Film Company, Alexander Industries, Alexite and Alexander Aircraft. Collection contains programs, publications Art Department display materials, commercial stills and photographs.


Barnes, Jack Duane Ph.D. Thesis: Simeon Nash Nye, Pioneer Colorado Theater Manager: 1882-1914 (165 pp.) Includes Appendix A: Chronological Record of Productions in Colorado Springs from 1875 to 1881. Appendix B: Alphabetical List of Plays By Title Presented in Colorado Springs Before the Opening of the Opera House and at the Opera House from 1881 to 1914. Appendix C: Entries from James A. Curran's Diary with References to Simeon N. Nye and Colorado Theatre.

Bartlett, Landell Collection: (1917-1973) .75 cubic foot of daily diaries of a Colorado Springs resident covering the years of 1917 and 1943 -1973. Diaries include information on day to day life in the Pikes Peak Region as well as commentary on world events. Bartlett was an accountant for Holly Sugar Corporation a member of a poetry society and the American Legion.

George Birdsall Collection: 3 cubic feet of papers related to the life, career and family of George Birdsall. Birdsall came to the Pikes Peak Region as a young man, served as the Police Chief of Colorado City in at the age of seventeen, and went on to become Mayor of Colorado Springs in the 1930s .

Bixler, Kristine M. : Manuscript: 23pp. The Golden Years: A History of the Golden Cycle Mill.

Bock, John S. Collection: 1.5 cubic feet of papers and photographs related to the history of Red Rock Canyon and the development of the Red Rock Canyon Real Estate Development Project. Collection also includes materials related to the military service of John S. Bock, the activities of Kenmuir and Trinidad Quarries, and the literary and poetry typescripts written by John G. Bock.

Bollman, Ferd O. Collection: (1850-1970) 1 cubic foot of ephemera, photographs, viewbooks, publications and negatives pertaining to the Bollman family of Colorado Springs.

Boothroyd, Frederick Collection: (1900-1955) 2.3 cubic feet of material related to the professional career of symphony conductor and organist Frederick Boothroyd. Mr. Boothroyd designed the organs for Shove Chapel, Grace Episcopal, First Christian and First Methodist Churches in Colorado Springs. The collection includes photographs, correspondence, programs and scrapbooks. Click here to see the Boothroyd Collection Inventory.

Brockhurst Ranch Album: 1 album of black/white and color photographs of Brockhurst Boys Ranch. The facility opened in 1964 as a residential treatment facility for troubled youth.

Broadmoor Heights Homeowners Association: (1971-1992) 1 cubic foot of records related to: dues, membership, covenants, by laws, neighborhood watch annual meetings, correspondence, maps, letterhead and minutes of the Broadmoor Heights Homeowners Association.

Brossman,Virginia Slide Collection: 2 cubic feet of color slides from local travel writer and photographer Virginia Brossman. Her work appeared numerous regional travel publications and the collection includes several hundred examples of her work.


Caledonian Society of Colorado Springs: (1897-1934) 3 scrapbooks documenting the members, activities and correspondence of the organization dedicated to celebrating the Scottish Heritage of their members residing in the Pikes Peak Region.

Carpenter Family Collection: (1906-2007) One folder of correspondence, stationary and photographs pertaining to the home of Clarence and Josephine Lewis Carpenter, located at 41 West Cache La Poudre in Colorado Springs. The house was torn down in 2007 by the Colorado Springs Fine Arts Center to build a parking lot.

Cassel, Margaret (Peggy) Collection: 2 cubic feet of photographs, ephemera, news clippings and albums related to Colorado Springs Police Officer Margaret "Peggy" Cassel. Ms. Cassel served on the CSPD Honor Guard and participated in the World Police and Fire Games in Colorado Springs in 1993, and in Calgary in 1997.

Chilcott, George Collection: (1863-1972) One folder of correspondence and photocopies documenting the service of George M. Chilcott as a member of the Colorado Territorial Legislature, Register at the U.S. Land Office in Golden, Colorado from 1863-1866, and a Colorado State Senator.

City of Colorado Springs, Engineering Department: (1899-1905) 1 photograph album ca. 1899-1905 featuring engineering projects throughout the city. Subjects include reservoirs, canals, storm sewers, irrigation ditches, bridges and storm damage.

Claus, Glennis Collection: (1909-1980) One folder of clippings and ephemera related to Garfield Elementary School in Colorado Springs. Claus served as the secretary of Garfield School at the time of its closing in 1980.

Colorado Federation of Jane Jefferson Democratic Clubs: 1 scrapbook album and two folders of material related to the activities and history of the organization. Collection includes photographs, minutes, clippings, certificates, brochures, membership packets and ephemera.

Colorado Springs Art Guild: 6 cubic feet of papers related to the organization, its activities and members.

Colorado Springs Centennial Inc. Collection: (1972) Three folders of correspondence, clippings and programs from the Centennial Celebration of the City of Colorado Springs.

Cragin, Frances Whittemore Collection: (1900-1930) 10 cubic feet of material that documents Native American culture as well as the early Spanish, French and American exploration and settlement of the West. The hallmark collection of the Museum, the collection contains maps, photographs, letters and interview transcripts from the age of western exploration. Click Here to see the Cragin Page.

Crouch, Lois Collection: 7 cubic feet of material related to the life and work of Lois Crouch, world-renowned Van Briggle Pottery expert. Ms. Crouch collected Van Briggle Pottery and published several books documenting the history of this well known Art Nouveau Pottery. The Colorado Springs Pioneers Museum has the world's largest public collection of Van Briggle Pottery largely due to the generosity of the Crouch Family. Click to see the Crouch Collection Inventory.


Democratic Women's Club of El Paso County: Scrapbooks and spiral bound publications describing the activities and history of this organization. Collection includes minutes, clippings, photographs and ephemera.

Donaldson, D.V. Collection: (1918-1927) Eleven folders of correspondence, contracts, telegrams, furniture and household goods receipts and bills of sale regarding potential property purchases, as well as property leased or owned by the local real estate investor and insurance salesman.

Downtown Lions Club: 12 cubic feet of material documenting Club activities including membership lists, correspondence, committee work, charity functions, leadership, newsletters and community activities.

Driscoll, Dr. William E. Collection: (1898-1908) 2 cubic feet of material related to the Cripple Creek District medical practice of Dr. Driscoll. Collection includes photographs, correspondence and patient log-books. Dr. Driscoll was a practicing physician, medical examiner, Teller County Physician and railroad surgeon for the Midland Terminal, Florence and Cripple Creek, and Colorado Springs and Cripple Creek Railroads.


Edwards, Dean and Peg Collection: 9 cubic feet of folklife material documenting the rich cultural history of square dancing in the Pikes Peak Region. The collection includes hundreds of photographs, historic folk music records and sheet music, books, scrapbooks and correspondence. Dean Edwards is an internationally renowned square dance caller, teacher and is largely responsible for the reintroduction of historic dancing to Colorado in the mid-twentieth century. Click here to see the Edwards Collection Inventory.

Ellinwood, L.E. Collection: 7 cubic feet of local historical materials from local teacher, principle and historian LeRoy Ellinwood. The collection documents his involvement and research with the Denver Westerners, the Ghost Town Club and various topics of Pikes Peak Regional History. Click here to see the Ellinwood Collection Finding Aid

El Paso County Bible Society: (1881-1895) 1 notebook and 1 folder of records of the El Paso County Bible Society.

El Paso County Fair Collection: 2 cubic feet of papers documenting the history and activities of the El Paso County Fair.

El Paso County Medical Auxiliary: See Mrs. C.S. Morrison Collection


First Methodist Church Scrapbook: (1944-1953) Scrapbook contains press clippings, printed sermons, announcements of activities, publications regarding Easter Sunrise Services in the Garden of the Gods and ephemera related to First Methodist Church, its pastors and members.

Fountain Homemakers Collection: (1914-1996) 1.5 cubic feet of materials related to the organization. Includes: meeting minutes, correspondence, scrapbooks, and history related to the club's activities.

French, William Manuscript: Drug Store Cowboy, an eleven page manuscript detailing memories of businesses and people in downtown Colorado Springs in 1936.

Friends of Lowell School: 1 cubic foot of papers related to the activities of the Friends of Lowell School, a non-profit organization dedicated to the preservation of the Lowell Elementary School building and its history. Collection includes agendas, minutes, photographs, correspondence and newspaper clippings.

Froisland, Len Scrapbooks: (ca. 1955) Two scrapbooks detailing the history and attractions of Colorado, including information on Cascade, Green Mountain Falls, Woodland Park, Rampart Range Road, Colorado Springs, Manitou Park, Leadville, Fairplay and other Colorado Towns


Garden of the Gods Neighborhood Association: (1992-2000) 1 folder of papers of the Garden of the Gods Neighborhood Association. Materials include membership lists, correspondence, financial records, reports and newsletters.

Gorman, Grant Gorman Collection: (ca. 1873-1953) Miscellaneous ledger books for El Paso County School Districts # 5, 9, 11, 12, 14, 18, 27, 28, 37, 38, and 48. Collection also includes a ledger of teacher applicants in 1873, the County Superintendent's Record Book of 1911-1912 used by Inez Johnson Lewis, and a record book of school district consolidations from 1950 -1953 created by County Superintendent Lucy S. Perry. The Collection belonged to Donor's father, Norton Gorman, who was a former El Paso County Superintendent of Schools.

Goshen Sisters Collection: 2 cubic feet of photographs and papers created by Mary and Helen Goshen. The sisters (never married) were born and raised in Colorado Springs. Collection also includes hand-made wooden photograph albums, a family recipe book, and a stereoscope series published by the Quaker Oats Company in 1906 entitled "Around the World Series."

Granger School District #34: (1909-1934) School census lists and Teacher's Registers for School District #34 which include student names, grades and absences.

Grimes Family Collection: 1890- 2000) Four folders of photographs, clippings, and typed genealogical and historical information related to the family of O.P. and Minnie Grimes of Colorado Springs. O.P. Grimes was a former sheriff of El Paso County and owner of a chain of Piggly Wiggly stores throughout the west.


Halfway House Collection: Scrapbook, photograph album, clippings and slides which document the activities of the Halfway House, a residential facility founded in 1926 at 12 East Boulder Street, which encouraged convalescing patients to participate in occupational therapy during their recovery.

Harper, Mrs. W.D. Manuscript: (1898-1906) Of Events and Landmarks in the Early History of El Paso County, manuscript was read before the Zebulon Pike Chapter of the Daughters of the American Revolution on February 22, 1898, and again at the Pikes Peak Centennial in September of 1906.

Hassell Family Collection: (1900-1983) .5 cubic feet of photograph albums and the 1908 diary of Julia Hassell Lipsey, written when she was a child.

Heller, Dorothy Collection: 3 cubic feet of materials related to the personal and professional lives of local artist Larry Heller and his wife Dorothy, who was a strong supporter of the local art scene. Collection includes photographs and scrapbooks documenting Larry's work with Alexander Films and Dorothy's career as a Colorado Springs police officer and social investigator. Click here to see the Heller Collection Finding Aid

Here Lies Colorado Springs Collection: 5 cubic feet of papers related to the publication of the book regarding residents of Evergreen Cemetery. Collection includes nominations, submissions and various edited versions of the final publication.

HI-FI Investors Club: (1961-1990) 3 cubic feet of papers related to the investment activities of this local women's group.

Homan, Paul Collection: (1964-2008) .33 cubic foot of research materials related to the history and natural history of Cheyenne Cañon, Helen Hunt Falls and North Cheyenne Cañon Park in Colorado Springs, Colorado. Collection includes: photographs, news clippings, photocopies, pamphlets, research news clippings, photocopies, pamphlets, research notes and handouts for staff and volunteers of Cultural Services Department of the City of Colorado Springs.


Iles Family Collection: .5 cubic foot of manuscripts, photographs and correspondence related to the Alfred Bennet Iles family. Collection includes Iles' memoir "The Log of a Sea-Going Pioneer," British navy documents, United States Citizenship papers and materials related to Iles' life as a miner and adventurer in Alaska and the American West. Click here to see the Iles Family Collection Inventory


Jackson, Areba Collection: 4 cubic feet of material related to the life and work of Civil Rights Activist and Colorado Springs resident Gretchen McRae. The first African-American woman to run for City Council in 1943, McRae published A Free Republic, a journal dedicated to discussing inequalities in American Society. Click here to see the Areba Jackson Collection Finding Aid

Jackson, Donald Collection: 1.1 cubic feet of material from one of the greatest documentary editors and Lewis and Clark scholars of the twentieth century. Donald Jackson was the editor of The Journals of Zebulon Montgomery Pike and author of dozens of important works on western exploration and the life of Thomas Jefferson. The Jackson Collection consists of only his research and bibliographic notes pertaining to several of his most important publications. This collection lends itself to scholarly research and therefore we ask that you contact the Archivist directly to discuss its use (719-385-5649). 


Kennis, Carol Collection: (1970-1978) .25 cubic feet of materials related to student activities at West Junior High School and Coronado High School in Colorado Springs. Collection includes Choral Concert Programs, Dance Programs, student newspapers and literary publications as well as a 1978 Silver Spruce yearbook from Colorado State University, Fort Collins, CO.

Kerr, James Hutchinson Scrapbooks: Volumes IV, V, VI, VII, VIII. Professor Kerr, an early El Paso County resident, professor of science at the Colorado College, state legislator, local businessman, author and historian, documented El Paso County Pioneers and events. The scrapbooks contain biographic information on numerous individuals as well as copies of Kerr's own published articles in local newspapers.

Kunkle , Paul T.: 1 folder of color photographs, copies and business cards of Paul T. Kunkle, who was an expert in the chair caning craft. Photographs document Kunkle's caning demonstrations at Bancroft Park and Rock Ledge Ranch in Colorado Springs


Lilly, Gene Scrapbook: (1924-1984) Bound scrapbook entitled, "From Gene Lilly's Photo Album: 1924-1984." Images within self-published scrapbook are scanned copies and not originals. Scrapbook details life at High Valley Farm in Colorado Springs and includes photographs of various members of the Lilly family including Terrance, Gene, Romaine, Terry, Romie, and India Lilly.

Lilly, Terence WWII Collection: .5 cubic feet of material related to WWII and includes a scrapbook documenting the local Red Cross Blood Drive, created by Mrs. Eugene Lilly, Chair of the Blood Drive Committee, photographs of the blood drive activities at the Fine Arts Center. Collection also contains gasoline ration cards and other period ephemera.

Lipsey, John J. Collection: (1955-1969) Three folders of correspondence, typescripts and clippings pertaining to the life and work of the local author, book dealer and newspaper columnist. Lipsey penned a history-based column entitled "Lipsey Dixit" in the Colorado Springs Free Press from 1954-1957.

Loomis, Sara Cartwright Jackson Collection: (1893-1970) 40 cubic feet of photographs, diaries and voluminous correspondence between Sara Loomis and her friends and family. Sara Cartwright (nee Jackson) Loomis attended Cutler Academy in the 1890s, married local physician Dr. Phillip Loomis and raised two children in Colorado Springs. All the while, Loomis documented her daily life through photography and prolific diaries.


Mammal and Bird Inventory: (1902-1907) One small ledger containing notations of size and location of specimens found in El Paso County. Ledger not complete.

Manitou Mineral Water Company: (1895-1916) .5 cubic foot of correspondence receipts, and invoices of the Manitou Mineral Water Company. Includes material related to: receivership of company, lawsuits and employment applications.

McClurg, Virginia and Gilbert Collection: 1.6 cubic feet of material related to Virginia McClurg's legendary efforts to create Mesa Verde National Park in 1906. The collection also contains personal and business papers related to both Virginia and her husband Gilbert - a nationally renowned author and public lecturer. Also of interest are papers and a scrapbook from the Colorado Cliff Dwellings Association, a women's group who publicly campaigned for preservation of the Mesa Verde area when the destruction of the ruins by treasure hunters appeared imminent. Click here to see the McClurg Collection Finding Aid

McRae, Gretchen: See Areba Jackson Collection.

Melugin, Ida Chambers: (1890-1955) 4 Cubic feet of material related to the life and work of Ida Chambers Melugin and her family. Includes photographs, diaries, the physician's memorandum books, a photograph button of Dr. Melugin (Ida's husband) and the research files of quilting scholar Carolyn O'Bagy Davis who published a book; Quilted All Day: The Prairie Journals of Ida Chambers Melugin, and curated a quilting exhibit reflecting Ida Chamber Melugin's life working quilts

Mennonite Oral History Project: 4 cubic feet of oral histories and documentation about the local Mennonite Community compiled by local historian Eulala Pegram.

Merwin , Linda Scrapbook: (1909) Green cloth scrapbook entitled, "My Graduation," by Linda Merwin Colorado Springs High School Graduate class of 1909. Scrapbook contains: news clippings, photographs, dance cards, hand written inscriptions and ephemera.

Miller, Nellie Burget Collection: 14 cubic feet of material primarily related to Burget Miller's role as Poet Laureate of the State of Colorado from 1923 - 1952, her poetry manuscripts and publications, as well as materials documenting her involvement in various civic organization. Also contained in the collection are materials related to family members: Imogene Miller Merritt, Dale Merritt and Dr. Lucas Miller. Click here to see the Finding Aid.

Morrison, Mrs. C.S. Collection: One folder of material related to the El Paso County Medical Auxiliary. Includes a copy of handwritten chapter history, an inventory of the medical books of Dr. Alexius M. Forster and the bylaws of the Alpha Mu Pi Omega Medical Fraternity.


Nicholson, Elsie Queen Collection: (1850-1940) 1 cubic foot of the correspondence and personal papers of General William Jackson Palmer, President of the Denver and Rio Grande Railway and founder of the city of Colorado Springs. The collection contains materials related to railroad engineering and surveying, Palmer's duties as a Union General during the American Civil War and his numerous business activities. Click here to see the Finding Aid

Nicholson, Tim Collection: (1850-1940) 7 .5 cubic feet of materials related to various members of the William Jackson Palmer Family. The collection includes photographs, correspondence and albums illustrating the personal lives of Queen (Mary Lincoln Mellen) Palmer, Elsie Palmer Myers, Dorothy Palmer, Marjorie Palmer Watt and their many friends including John Singer Sargent, L.A. Peter Harrison and Henry James. Click here to see the Finding Aid

Norris, Sophie Beauveau Collection: (1900-1940) A collection of 16 scrapbooks containing photographs, pencil sketches, greeting cards and ephemera. Beauveau Norris traveled extensively, came to Cragmor Sanitarium after contracting tuberculosis and eventually moved to the Broadmoor area.


Palmer, Leroy Scrapbook: (1922-1957) Scrapbook and photograph album. Scrapbook contains postcards and ephemera including 1928 drivers license, tickets to sporting events, greeting cards, a matchbook promoting boxing match between Joe Louis vs. Mac Schmeling, hunting licenses, a souvenir telegram from Pikes Peak, and numerous articles on gang/Mafia activities related to bootlegging in Chicago and New York. Scrapbook also contains details of illegal drinking and gambling at Buzzards Roost, in the 300 block of East Costilla and the manslaughter-trial of Leroy Palmer after fatally injuring a pedestrian in an auto accident. Photograph album created by Leroy Palmer contains images of Payne Chapel, Colorado Springs residences, Garden of the Gods, auto garages, automobiles, Pikes Peak, Manitou Springs and Unidentified African-American family and friends.

Palmer, William Jackson Collection: (1850-1909) 2 cubic feet of material related to the personal, military and business life of General William Jackson Palmer, founder of the Denver and Rio Grande Railway and the City of Colorado Springs. The Collection contains material dating from 1855 regarding railroads, as well as business and personal correspondence carried on until his death in 1909.

Pikes Peak Cattleman's Association: (1955-1987) 1 cubic foot of material that includes meeting minutes, reports, resolutions, ledgers and program information regarding the Association.

Pikes Peak Justice and Peace Commission: (1983-1994) Seven cubic feet of materials related to the activities of the Pikes Peak Justice and Peace Commission. Collection includes: newsletter, publicity, membership lists, newsclippings, committee assignments and reports as well as correspondence.

Pope Family Collection: (1885-1910) 1.33 cubic feet of material related to the Pope Brothers Ranch and the early development of the Pikeview Mine in northwest El Paso County during the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries. Collection includes correspondence, family documents and photographic images. Click here to see the Inventory

Prock , John Homestead Papers: (1885-1890) One folder photocopied homestead papers belonging to John Prock of El Paso County, Colorado. John and his mother Jane Prick homesteaded land just east of Monument and just south of the Douglas County line. The original homestead cabin stands near Furrow Road Intersection.


Quota Club: 2 cubic feet of papers related to the activities of the Quota Club of Colorado Springs. Collection includes reports, minutes, correspondence, clippings and programs related to activities of the club and their fundraising efforts toward the hearing impaired and the prevention of domestic violence.


Ranching Diary: (1901) Small leather personal diary related to ranching, prices for beef and accounts kept for February 11, 1901- February 16, 1901. Unknown diarist.

Robinson Family Collection: (1933-1947) One folder of ephemera related to Vivian E. Robinson of Colorado Springs and the Robinson Grain Company.

Rosamont Park Incorporation Document: (1894) One document detailing shareholders in the summer resort community of Rosamont Park , located on the South Slope of Pikes Peak on the road to Lake Moraine.

Red Rock Canyon Development Collection: (1966-2003) .33 cubic foot Minutes, correspondence, reports, maps, proposals, photographs and clippings related to the proposed Red Rock Canyon Development Project and potential annexation to the City of Manitou Springs, Colorado. Included in the collection are materials documenting public opposition to the development and the Creation of of an open space park by the City of Colorado Springs.


Shafer, Elizabeth Collection: (1935-1957) 4 cubic feet of scrapbooks and files created by local resident Elizabeth Shafer that document a range of subjects from 1935-1957. Topics include the British Royal family, Franklin Delano Roosevelt and various Colorado Springs businesses. Click here to see the Inventory

Sheldon, A.Z. Diary: (1863-1880)1 Diary and transcript Sheldon, an early resident of El Paso County documented daily life in the Pikes Peak Region in approximately 5000 diary entries over 262 pages. Topics included in the diary are the growth and development of Colorado City, early experiment in ranching and farming, the arrival of railroads and his work over two decades as a surveyor for El Paso County.

Simpich Collection: .3 cubic foot of ephemera, newsclippings and catalogs from Simpich Character Dolls of Old Colorado City.

Slocum, Sheriff Ray Collection: (1947-1949) 1 cubic foot of scrapbooks, photograph albums, documents and loose photographs related to the career of El Paso County Sheriff Ray Slocum.

Smith, Carlos Scrapbook: (ca. 1900) Contains newspaper clippings regarding fossils, minerals, and the geology and archaeology of the west.

Sociability Tour Scrapbook: Compiled by Dan L. Kennedy in 1935, the scrapbook documents the Colorado - Kansas- Texas - Oklahoma "Goodwill Tour" taken by a group of prominent Colorado Springs businessmen.

Sommers, E.D. & Brothers Market: (1901-1905) 1 ledger book of local customer accounts.

Stote, Helen Collection: (1903-1919) One folder of material containing programs and ephemera pertaining to Colorado Springs Schools, a reception and ball for Governor Oliver Shoup, musical concerts, a pamphlet containing the names of all Colorado Springs school teachers in 1915-1916 and school district letterhead.

Stratton, Winfield Scott Collection: (1891-1965) Over 500 cubic feet of papers, minutes, ledgers and records related to the personal and business life of Cripple Creek Mining Millionaire Winfield Scott Stratton. The bulk of the material pertains to various business enterprises of Stratton and later, of the Myron Stratton Home and the trustees of Stratton's estate.

Sullivan,Eva Lewis Scrapbook: Compiled in the 1870s, the scrapbook contains poetry, homilies, and illustrations from various newspapers.

Sutton, Leonard Geology Collection: 1 cubic foot of booklets and speech transcripts pertaining to geology, mining, and mineral law in Colorado, the western United States and Africa.


Taylor, Grace Family Collection: (1969-1984) Three folders of color photographs, newscipplings and ephemera related to Grace and Joe Taylor and the Taylor Travel Agency in Colorado Springs.


United States Meteorological Service Collection: (1873-1894) Weekly weather records from the Colorado Springs weather station.

Ute Pass Wagon Road Ledger: (1867) One ledger created by the Ute Pass Wagon Road Company which details expenses, subscribers, and an index.


Visiting Nurse Association: (1914-1986) .3 cubic foot of papers related to the Visiting Nurse Association of Colorado Springs. Materials include photocopied correspondence, typed histories of the organization and newsletters.


Weimer Family Collection: (1920-1970) .33 cubic feet of ephemera, stationary, mounted souvenir photographs, place mats and black and white photographs of Seven Falls. Collection also includes a City of Colorado Springs 1923 Annual Report and a customer bag from Fashion Bar. The Weimer family purchased Seven Falls in 1905 for $250,000 and owned it until 1946.

Willis, Willet R. Collection: 3 cubic feet of papers, reports and documents pertaining to the life of a local geologist and chemistry teacher at Colorado Springs High School (now Palmer High School) until 1947. Instrumental in the founding of the Colorado Springs Mineralogical Society, Willis served as its first president.

Wolfe, John Diary: (1864) Handwritten diary and typed transcript describing activities of John Wolfe, a member of the Third Colorado Cavalry. Diary begins on September 11, 1864 and ends abruptly on November 27, 1864 (just two days prior to the Sand Creek Massacre.)

Works Progress Administration: (1936-1939) .5 cubic feet of Federal Writers Project Papers. Collection includes narratives on Pikes Peak Regional History, Folklore and Arts and Culture.

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