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SpringsTV is now podcasting!

Right now SpringsTV is publishing two podcasts.

This Week at City Hall Podcasts:

This Week at City Hall is bi-weekly news update on what City Council has been up to and other things happening in the City.

SpringsTV New Stuff Podcast:

SpringsTV New Stuff is latest offerings from the staff at SpringsTV. This podcast can be anything from a showcase of another great City park to look inside the newest creative programs that strive to use your tax dollars in the most efficient way possible.

Garden of the Gods Walking Tour Podcast:

Garden of the Gods is the majestic crown jewel in the Colorado Springs park system. Whether you're a long time resident or visting from out of town this podcast is the perfect companion for a day in the park and will lend entertaining insights into the garden's history, trails, wildlife and conservation.


You can get our podcasts in two ways:

iTunes: (You will need iTunes installed on your computer)

1. Click one of the links below. It will launch iTunes and take you to the selected podcast at theiTunes Music Store.
-This Week at City Hall Podcast
-SpringsTV Newstuff Podcast
-Garden of the Gods Walking Tour Podcast
2. Click on the "Subscribe" button. The current episode will start downloading. Then iTunes will periodically check for new episodes and download them when they're available. (You will need the current verision of Quicktime installed on your computer)

PC Instructions:

1. Right-Click on one of the two "Current Episode" links below
2. Select "Save Target As..." A Save As dialog box opens
3. Select where you want to save the podcast
4. Click Save.
5. Check back periodically for new episodes. Our podcasts update at least every other week.

Mac Instructions:

1. Right-Click on one of the two "Current Episode" links below. Note that because the Garden of Gods Walking Tour Podcast does not update, the "Entire Program" link will download the whole tour as one file.
2. Select "Download Linked File"
3. The file will be saved to your Desktop, or your Downloads Folder.

4. Check back periodically for new episodes. Our podcasts update at least every other week.

This Week at City Hall: Current Episode

SpringsTV New Stuff: Current Episode

Garden of the Gods Walking Tour: Entire Program
Tour Map PDF



If you have an RSS reader, you can download the RSS files for these podcasts by right-clicking on the links below.

This Week at City Hall RSS

SpringsTV New Stuff RSS

Garden of the Gods Walking Tour RSS



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