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DNA Laboratory

Photos of DNA processes

The DNA Laboratory became a functional area of the Metro Crime Laboratory in the fall of 2008. The DNA section is an ISO 17025 accredited laboratory. It is a full service laboratory which provides examination, forensic serology and DNA analysis of evidence from criminal activity to include sexual assaults, homicides and any other crimes where potential biological material may be present.

DNA Laboratory personnel perform forensic serology on items of evidence to evaluate the type of biological material present and its DNA potential. Forensic serology includes the screening of evidence using tools such as alternative light sources and presumptive chemical tests for blood, semen and saliva.

Forensic DNA analysis is performed on evidence to help to identify the source of a biological sample. Sources of DNA including blood, semen, saliva and trace DNA are routinely examined for their DNA content. DNA profiles are developed for items of evidence and compared to known profiles to determine their source. The DNA Laboratory also participates in the national CODIS DNA Database which allows analysts to search for DNA profiles from state convicted offenders and also enter profiles from unsolved crimes to compare against profiles collected across the country.