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Due to enhanced sentencing guidelines, the identification of a particular form of a drug is of major concern. By using instrumentation and techniques like Gas Chromatography/Mass Spectrometry, Infrared Spectrometry, X-Ray Fluorescence Spectrometer, microscopic examination, color tests and thin-layer chromatography, the lab is able to identify a wide range of different types of illicit drugs, controlled substances, and prescription drugs. The lab is also improving its capability to conduct both qualitative and quantitative analyses to support the investigation of drug cases.

The Chemistry Section, staffed by two full time Forensic Chemists employed by the Colorado Springs Police Department and one full time Forensic Chemist employed by the El Paso County Sheriff?s Office, and one part time contract Firearms Examiner provides the following professional services:

Drug Identification

Clandestine laboratory chemicals analysis

Blood Alcohol analysis

Arson and explosive material analysis

Firearms Examination

Serial number restorations

Functionality testing

Ballistic Analysis

Projectile and cartridge comparison