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Report Suspicious Activity

Prevention is everyone's responsibility.
We are one neighborhood, one state, one nation;
and it is the responsibility of all to remain vigilant
and to report suspicious behavior.
One call can make a difference.

Suspicious incidents or unusual activity
Needs Immediate Police Response
Call 9 1 1
    No Immediate Response Needed
Call 444 - 7000

Suspicious incident or unusual activity associated with domestic or international terrorism
Needs Immediate Police Response
Call 9 1 1
    No Immediate Response Needed
Call the Colorado Springs Police Department
Strategic Information Center
719.444.STIC (7842)


Reporting Suspicious Activity Questions and Answers

Q. What exactly is "suspicious" activity?

A. No one knows what goes on in your neighborhood better than you. You may see things or hear things that seem out of the ordinary and may indicate suspicious or illegal conduct. Law enforcement officials in Colorado often rely on the instincts and perceptions of citizens to detect activity that is out of the ordinary.

Q. What kind of activity should I look for?



  • Eliciting Information


Questioning individuals at a level beyond mere curiosity about particular facets of a facility’s or building’s purpose, operations, security procedures, etc., that would arouse suspicion in a reasonable person.

  • Testing or Probing of Security


Deliberate interactions with, or challenges to, installations, personnel, or systems that reveal physical, personnel or cyber security capabilities.

  • Photography


Taking pictures or video of facilities, buildings, or infrastructure in a manner that would arouse suspicion in a reasonable person. Examples include taking pictures or video of infrequently used access points, personnel performing security functions (patrols, badge/vehicle checking), security-related equipment (perimeter fencing, security cameras), etc.

  • Category Description Observation/Surveillance


Demonstrating unusual interest in facilities, buildings, or infrastructure beyond mere casual or professional (e.g. engineers) interest such that a reasonable person would consider the activity suspicious. Examples include observation through binoculars, taking notes, attempting to measure distances, etc.

  • Materials Acquisition/Storage


Acquisition and/or storage of unusual quantities of materials such as cell phones, pagers, fuel, chemicals, toxic materials, and timers, such that a reasonable person would suspect possible criminal activity.

  • Acquisition of Expertise


Attempts to obtain or conduct training in security concepts; military weapons or tactics; or other unusual capabilities that would arouse suspicion in a reasonable person.

  • Weapons Discovery


Discovery of unusual amounts of weapons or explosives that would arouse suspicion in a reasonable person.

  • Sector-Specific Incident


Actions associated with a characteristic of unique concern to specific sectors (such as the public health sector), with regard to their personnel, facilities, systems or functions.


These activities are generally First Amendment-protected activities and should not be reported absent articulable facts and circumstances that support the suspicion that the behavior observed is not innocent, but rather reasonably indicative of criminal activity associated with terrorism or other crimes, including evidence of pre-operational planning related to terrorism. Race, ethnicity, national origin, or religious affiliation should not be considered as factors that create suspicion (although these factors may be used as specific suspect descriptions).


Q. Is it necessary for me to give my name and phone number to the authorities?

A. It is extremely beneficial to the case if we are able to contact you for follow-up information and details. You will also need to provide contact information, if you would like a response to your message.

Q. Will my identity be protected?

A. While your contact information may be shared among the appropriate law enforcement agencies as a contact, we will make every effort to keep your identity confidential.