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Trails and Hiking in Colorado Springs

Sand Creek Trail
Sand Creek Trail

Hikers, runners and bicyclists are now able to travel from Palmer Lake to Fountain on a continuous pathway that ties together the New Santa Fe Regional Trail, Pikes Peak Greenway and the Fountain Creek Regional Trail.

The 35-mile stretch has never been completely accessible before, but the Pikes Peak Greenway, the center stretch of this trail, conceived in 1991, was completed in the summer of 2002. The Greenway was all but finished before a devastating flood tore it apart in 1999. Work on some pieces of the Greenway, including new footbridges at several locations and the rebuilding of the trail was recently completed.

The Urban Trails of Colorado Springs are all designated as multi-use trails. This means that any non-motorized use of the trail is permitted. All of the trails are open to joggers, bicyclists, walkers, equestrians, roller blades, etc. The only exception to this rule is through Monument Valley Park, where deed restrictions prohibit equestrian use of the trail. Please follow trail etiquette while utilizing any trail. The current Urban Trail System consists of over 100 miles of trails, with another 100+ miles of planned trails identified in the Urban Trails Master Plan.

The current trail standard is based on a "tier" system, with tier 1 being primarily the main "spine" trails, tier 2 being those trails that primarily feed the tier 1 trails, and tier 3 being smaller, natural trails.

  • Tier 1 & 2 trails are planned as hard primary surface with soft shoulders to accommodate all users. The standard for tier 1 trails is 12' wide hard surface with 2' - 4' soft shoulder, with a preferred landscape buffer between the hard and soft trail surface.
  • Tier 2 trails also have the same 12' standard, but without the landscape buffer.
  • Tier 3 trails are primarily gravel or natural surface, with a 4' - 6' trail width.
    The primary trail corridors will include three sets of north-south trails and three sets of east-west trails. They will provide access to major residential, shopping and business areas of the City.

The Pikes Peak Greenway Detailed Links Map opens a general map of the Greenway first, and then allows you to view detailed sections of the Greenway. The sections are termed "reaches," as identified in the Pikes Peak Greenway Master Plan approved in 1994. The detailed maps also have mileage shown between trail intersections, pedestrian bridges and trailheads to help you plan your trail routes. The total length of the Pikes Peak Greenway (as maintained by the city) from the El Pomar Youth Sports Complex (south end) to the New Santa Fe Trail (north of Woodmen Rd) is 14 miles.

After you open the Interactive Urban Trail Map below, you can click on a blue colored trail name and view a more detailed map of that trail and any adjoining trails.

  • Click Here to view an Interactive Urban Trail Map.
  • Click Here to view the Urban Trail Map. (pdf format)
  • Click Here to view Pikes Peak Greenway detailed maps.
  • Click Here to view the General Pikes Peak Greenway Map. (gif format)
  • Click Here to view the 2003 Urban Trail Master Plan Map. (gif format)

(Please note that we are aware of problems with some internet browsers not being able to open the interactive maps. Currently, the best browser to use is Microsoft Internet Explorer. We apologize for any inconvenience and thank you for your patience as we work to resolve these issues.)

Urban Trails
Austin Bluffs, 2.1 mi.
From Nevada Ave & Garden Of The Gods Rd east, along the north side of Austin Bluffs Pkwy to Palmer Regional Park.
Surface is concrete.

Austin Bluffs Trail Map

Bear Creek, .4 mi.
Links the Pikes Peak Greenway to Bear Creek Regional County Park. South of Wal-Mart on 8th St.
Surface is concrete and asphalt.

Bear Creek Trail Map

Briargate, 2.75 mi.
From Yellowwood Dr and E Woodmen Rd (E Woodment Trail) north to Family Pl (John Stone Park and Briargate YMCA)
Surface is concrete.

Briargate Trail Map

Chamberlain, 3.6 mi. total
Several separate sections are complete: 1) From Bear Creek Regional County Park south into Skyway area; 2) From Pegasus Dr south to Constellation Dr, and; 3) From Stratton Forest Hgts south through the Stratton Open Space.
Surface is gravel.

Chamberlain Trail Map

Cottonwood, 3.75 mi. total
From Union Blvd east to Austin Bluffs Pkwy and E Woodmen Rd.
Surface is gravel and concrete.

Cottonwood Creek Trail Map
Cottonwood Creek Trail Wayfinding Map (26"x18".pdf)

Foothills, 6.5 mi.
From 31st St and Colorado Ave north to Oak Valley Ranch Park (use 31st St bike lanes from Colorado Ave to Garden Of The Gods Park). Connects to Sinton Trail at 30th St and Garden Of The Gods Rd.
Surface is gravel, millings and concrete.

Foothills Trail Map (north portion)
Foothills Trail Map (south portion)

Greencrest, 2.6 mi. total
Link From Wesley Drive south to Palmer Regional Park and main trail from Austin Bluffs Pkwy (Templeton Gap Trail) south through Palmer Regional Park to Academy Blvd (Homestead Trail).
Surface is gravel.

Greencrest Trail Map

Homestead, 8.2 mi.
Two sections complete: 1) From Academy Blvd & Constitution Ave (Rock Island Trail) north to trailhead at Stetson Hills Blvd (Stetson Trail), and; 2) From Templeton Gap Rd north through Norwood to Cottonwood Creek Trail.
Surface is concrete, millings, gravel and natural.

Homestead Trail Map (south portion)
Homestead Trail Map (mid portion) 
Homestead Trail Map (north portion)
Homestead Trail Wayfinding Map (18"x26".pdf)

La Foret, 1.3 mi.
Two sections complete: 1) From Air Force Academy (Santa Fe County Trail) northeast to Middle Creek Pkwy, and; 2) From Voyager Pkwy & Middle Creek Pkwy northeast to Tenny Crags Rd.
Surface is gravel and concrete.

La Foret Trail Map

Mesa Springs Greenway, 2.75 mi.
West side of I-25 sound wall from Fillmore St south to Bijou St.
Surface is concrete.

Mesa Springs Greenway Map

Mesa Valley, 2.15 mi.
From Sondermann Park northwest to Mesa Rd (Palmer-Mesa Trail). Link to Pikes Peak Greenway Trail and Mesa Springs Greenway along Fontanero St.
Surface is gravel and millings.

Mesa Valley Trail Map

Midland, 1.6 mi.
America the Beautiful Park and I-25 (Pikes Peak Greenway Trail) west to 21st St and Naegele Rd.
Surface is concrete.

Midland Trail Map
Midland Trail Wayfinding Map (26"x18".pdf)

North Douglas Creek, 1.25 mi.
From Vindicator St and Centennial Blvd south along the concrete drainage to Atherton Way through Wilson Ranch.
Surface is gravel. 

N Douglas Creek Trail Map

Palmer-Mesa, 3.6 mi.
From Uintah Street north to 30th St (Foothills Trail) along Mesa Road,
Surface is millings, concrete and gravel.

Palmer-Mesa Valley Trail Map

Pikes Peak Greenway, 14 mi. total
Primary trail through Colorado Springs from Air Force Academy (Santa Fe County Trail) south along Monument and Fountain Creeks to El Pomar Youth Sports Complex (Santa Fe County Trail). Also forms part of the Front Range Trail System. The Pikes Peak Greenway has been approved as a part of the Regional Transportation Authority project list. Look for upgrades to the Pikes Peak Greenway over the next several years.
Surface is concrete, asphalt and gravel.

Pikes Peak Greenway Trail Map
Pikes Peak Greenway Trail Wayfinding Map (24"x36".pdf)

Rock Island, 5.8 mi.
From N Weber St (Shooks Run Trail) east along the south side of Constitution Blvd to Powers Blvd. Follows the old Rock Island railroad spur.
Surface is millings and concrete.

Rock Island Trail Map (west portion)
Rock Island Trail Map (east portion)
Rock Island Trail Wayfinding Map (26"x18".pdf)

Rockrimmon, 2.1 mi.
From Gold Hills Park northwest through Rockrimmon to Southface Open Space at War Eagle Dr N. Future connections include east to Pikes Peak Greenway and southwest to Ute Valley Park.
Surface is natural, concrete and gravel.

Rockrimmon Trail Map (east portion)

Sand Creek, 3.5 mi. total
Several separate sections complete: 1) From El Pomar Youth Sports Complex (Pikes Peak Greenway) east to Las Vegas St; 2) From Hancock Expy northeast to Chelton Rd (with link to Sierra High School and Southeast YMCA); 3) From Jet Wing Cir (south end of Wildflower Park) along west edge of park, and; 3) Stetson Hills area from Instone Cir north to Stetson Hills Blvd.
Surface is concrete, millings and gravel.

Shooks Run, 3.9 mi.
From N Weber St (Rock Island Trail) south to Fountain Blvd (South Shooks Run Park).
Surface is millings and concrete.

Shooks Run Trail Map (north portion)
Shooks Run Trail Map (south portion)
Shooks Run Trail Wayfinding Map (26"x18".pdf)

Sinton, 2.9 mi.
From Gossage Youth Sports Complex (Pikes Peak Greenway Trail) west to 30th St and Garden Of The Gods Road (Foothills Trail). Small portion of trail still incomplete just east of 30th St.
Surface is concrete and millings.

Sinton Trail Map
Sinton Trail Wayfinding Map (26"x18".pdf)

Skyline, 1.5 mi.
Briargate Blvd north to Research Pkwy. Future connection to south will join with E Woodmen Trail.
Surface is concrete.

Skyline Trail Map

Stetson, 1.85 mi.
Generally from Austin Bluffs Pkwy to Powers Blvd along the south side of Stetson Hills Blvd. Several incomplete sections (check map for complete areas).
Surface is concrete.

Stetson Trail Map

Templeton Gap, 5.1 mi.
From Gossage Youth Sports Complex (Pikes Peak Greenway Trail) east to Palmer Regional Park (Greencrest Trail).
Surface is concrete, millings and gravel.

Templeton Gap Trail Map
Templeton Gap Trail Wayfinding Map (26"x18".pdf)

Woodmen, 3.8 mi. total
Two sections complete: 1) From W Woodmen Rd and Chapel Dr west to Westwood Rd along the south side of W Woodmen Rd, and; 2) Briargate Blvd and N Union Blvd east to Ramblewood Dr along the utility easement (former portion of the Skyline Trail).
Surface is gravel and concrete.

Woodmen Trail Map (west portion)
Woodmen Trail Map (east portion)

Popular Park Trails
Bear Creek Canon Park, 3.86 mi. total
501 Bear Creek Road.
Surface is natural.

Cottonwood Creek Park (path distances),
Dublin Blvd. and Rangewood Dr.
1. Around Soccer Fields Only, .62 mi.
2. Around Disk Golf Area Only, .80 mi.
3. Around Soccer Fields and Disk Golf Area as a single loop, 1.22 mi.
(Note: this distance is .20 less than the sums of 1 and 2, because when the two areas are run as a single loop, the north-south connector between the Soccer Fields and the Disk Golf Area (which is .10 long) is not run. Therefore, .10 mi. must be subtracted from both 1 and 2, before adding them together.)

Garden of the Gods Park, 23.06 mi. total
3130 N. 30th Street, at 30th Street and Gateway Road.
Surface is concrete and natural.

Memorial Park
Hancock Ave. and Pikes Peak Ave.
Prospect Lake Trail (around the lake only), 1.25 mi.
Park Perimeter Jogging Trail, 2.5 mil.
Criterium Bike Loop, .7 mi.

Monument Valley Park
Total trail miles in the park, 4.25 mi.
Fitness Course, 1 mi.
North Loop, 2.25 mi.
South Loop, 2 mi.
North and South Loops Combined, 4.25
170 W. Cache La Poudre Blvd., go south of Uintah on Glen to parking lot and down to Bijou bridge. North along Monument Creek.
Note: The distance will always depend on where you begin and end, as everyone runs it differently. It is recommended that users note the mile markers along the trail to gage their distance.

North Cheyenne Cañon Park, 8.41 mi. total
2110 N. Cheyenne Cañon Road, at Cheyenne Blvd. and Evans Avenue.
Surface is natural.

Palmer Park, 25.65 mi. total
3650 Maizeland Road, Academy Blvd. and Maizeland Road.
Surface is natural.

Prospect Lake, 1.25 mi.
(See Memorial Park) Distance around lake in Memorial Park.
Surface is asphalt and gravel.

Quail Lake, 1 mi.
915 E. Cheyenne Mountain Blvd.
Cement sidewalk on Quail Lake Road and gravel on rest of loop.

Sinton Pond Loop, .28 mi.
Trail around Sinton Pond.
Surface is gravel/natural.

Sondermann Park, 2.36 mi. total
740 W. Caramillo Street, West Fontanero Street.
Surface is natural.

Ute Valley Park, 7.65 mi. total
1705 Vindicator Drive, at Centennial Blvd. and Vindicator Drive.
Surface is natural.