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Open Space

Sand Canyon in Red Rock Canyon
Sand Canyon in Red Rock Canyon

Stewards of the Land
Picture grasslands carpeted with wildflowers, the cool shade of creekside cottonwoods, the play of sun and clouds across the foothills, the smell of a pine forest after a thunderstorm, rock formations stretching to the sky, and hillsides covered in fall colors. These are examples of the natural beauty to be found within our City's Open Space areas.

Parks, Recreation & Cultural Services cares for approximately 1,200 acres of diverse open space. Abundant opportunities for recreation and observing nature are preserved for your enjoyment today, and for future generations tomorrow.

TOPS Projects Maps
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Open Space Areas
Austin Bluffs Open Space, 1910 Rimwood Dr. (north of Austin Bluffs Pkwy., east of N. Nevada Ave., west of N. Academy Blvd, and south of Dublin Blvd.). The Austin Bluffs Open Space area is the combination of several open space areas including Pulpit Rock, University Park and Austin Bluffs. There are currently two trailheads that serve the Austin Bluffs Open Space: 1) off N. Nevada Ave by the I-25/N. Nevada Ave interchange (the frontage road), and; 2) off the south end of Rockhurst Blvd. in the University Park development (by the water tank). Most of the developed trails are in the Pulpit Rock area, but well established social trails wind through the entire open space. 585.5 acres.

Blair Bridge Open Space, 4001 N. 30th St. (N. 30th St. and Mesa Rd.). Historic stone bridge, parking area, access to Foothills Trail. 37.4 acres. 

Blodgett Peak Open Space, 3898 W. Woodmen Rd. Trailhead parking, portable toilet and walking trails. TOPS purchase, 2001. 167.2 acres.

Bluestem Prairie Open Space, S. Powers Blvd. and Bradley Rd. Trailhead parking is north of Fintain Blvd. on Goldfield Dr. gravel walking trail with great views of reservoir and front range. TOPS purchase, 2000. 646.9 acres.

Broadview Open Space, South of Fillmore St. and east of Mesa Rd. Mesa Valley Trail access. 11.0 acres

Cheyenne Meadows Open Space, South off Bayfield Dr. Open space area with trails. 22.3 acres.

Cheyenne Mountain State Park backdrop, Open space "backdrop" area west of the Cheyenne Mountain State Park. TOPS purchase area. 832.5 acres. 

Corral Bluffs Open Space, located on Corral Valley Road off of Highway 94.  Purchased in 2008, with funding from the TOPS program, Corral Bluffs is not yet open to the public.  The public will be invited to participate in a master plan process once preliminary studies of the open space have been completed.  Information about those meetings will be posted on this website.  Guided hikes of the property are available through the Corral Bluffs Alliance (CoBA).  For additional information about Corral Bluffs please visit or contact to reserve your spot for the hike. 

Douglas Creek Open Space, 1319 Holland Park Blvd. Access to the Sinton Trail. 22.4 acres.

High Chaparral Open Space, 5002 N. Powers Blvd. (Stetson Hills Blvd. & N. Powers Blvd.). Trailhead parking on south side of Stetson Hills Blvd by water tank. TOPS purchase, 2001. 54.6 acres

Manitou Section 16 Open Space, Trailhead parking on Lower Gold Camp Rd. Open space area leased from the Colorado State Land Board and managed by El Paso County Parks. Gravel trails and link to Red Rock Canyon Open Space. 634.5 acres

Mesa Valley Open Space, South of Fillmore St. and east of Mesa Rd. (behind Holmes Middle School). Access to Mesa Valley Trail. 41.8 acres. 

North Gate Open Spaces, Various open space tracts in the North Gate developement area. Total of 172.7 acres.

Pikeview Reservoir #1, Southwest of Garden Of The Gods Rd. and N. Nevada Ave. Fishing, access to the Pikes Peak Greenway trail. Parking off Mark Dabling Blvd. 14.2 acres.

Pulpit Rock Open Space, (see Austin Bluffs Open Space above). 

Red Rock Canyon Open Space, 3615 W. High St. Main parking lot off Ridge Rd and Hwy-24 (turn south onto Ridge Rd. from Hwy-24, just west of Hwy-24 and S. 31st. St.). Additional parking lot off S. 31st St. and Ore Mill Rd. with horse trailer parking area. Portable toilets at both parking lots, picnic area by main parking lot. Over 13.8 miles of developed trails currently. Dog off-leash trail area. 784.9 acres.

Rockrimmon Open Space, Tamarron Dr. & Saddle Mountain Rd. 77.9 acres. 

Sinton Pond Open Space, Sinton Rd. (between Fillmore St. and Garden of the Gods Rd. east of Interstate 25). 13.1 acre wetlands area. 

Sondermann Park, 740 W. Caramillo St. Wheelchair accessible, picnic shelter, restroom, trails, access to the Mesa Valley Trail. Beidleman Environmental Center: environmental programs, multi-use room, kitchen facilities. 99.5 acres.

South Face Open Space, Vindicator Drive. 17.2 acres.

Stratton Open Space, adjacent to North Cheyenne Cañon Park. Two trailhead parking areas: La Veta Way (just west of Cresta Rd.) and Ridgeway Ave (just north of W. Cheyenne Blvd.). La Veta trailhead has a restroom facility. Biking, hiking and equestrian trails. (All trails that are not designated as "Hiking Only" are open to bikes and equestrians). 318.3 acres.

Sunset Mesa Open Space, 5685 Flintridge Drive. Neighborhood trail. Gravel path. 78.0 acres.

Union Meadows Open Space, N. Union Blvd. between Austin Bluffs Pkwy. and N Academy Blvd. TOPS purchase. 31.9 acres. 

Woodmen Valley Open Space, 2526 W. Woodmen Rd. (area south of Woodmen Park). 29.6 acres.

Total Open Space acres: 4,702.3

Special Resource Areas
Beacon Hill Open Space, 750 Beacon Ridge Dr. 4.0 acres. 

Creekside Open Space, 2320 Amberwood Ln. (north of Marriage Park). 2.7 acres.

Cresta Open Space, Cresta Rd. northwest of Skyway Elementary School. 29.0 acres.

Fairfax Station Open Space, Corner of Scarborough Dr & Manston Dr. .3 acres.

Garden Ranch Open Space, South off Flintridge Dr by N. Union Blvd. 1.6 acres.

Harlan-Wolfe, 905 W. Cheyenne Rd. 3.9 acres. 

High Plains Open Space, Mirage Dr. 3.2 acres.

Iron Horse Open Space, 4350 Iron Horse Trl. 3.6 acres.

Landslide Open Spaces, Various lots throughout the city that were affected by landslides in 1999. After FEMA purchased and reclaimed the parcels, they were turned over the the city as open space areas. 12.7 acres total.

Mesa Open Space, 1401 Manitou Blvd., North of Monument Street. 13.6 acres. 

Mountain Shadows Open Space, 2440 Brogans Bluff Dr. Various open space areas in the Mountain Shadows development, generally lying west of Centennial Blvd and east of Flying W Ranch Rd. 98.0 acres. 

Neal Ranch Open Space, 5085 Neal Ranch Rd. 35.4 acres.

Peregrine Open Space, East and west off Sawback Trail 7.5 acres.

Pring Ranch Open Space, Pring Ranch Road and Barnes Road. 6.3 acres. 

Promontory Pointe, Limit St. off Manitou Blvd. & W. Platte Ave. (behind the Boys and Girls Club building). Picnicking, walks and benches. 3.7 acres.

Silent Rain Open Space, 2169 Silent Rain Dr. 2.1 acres. 

Stetson Hills Open Space, Various open space areas in the Stetson Hills development. Includes area south of Bridlespur Ave., and north of Comstock Loop in Stetson Hills. Gravel walking trail. 138.6 acres. 

Stratton Forest Open Space, East and west of Stratton Woods View, adjacent to Stratton Open Space. Access to Chamberlain Trail. 22.0 acres. 

University Park entryway, East side of Rockhurst Blvd. Sidewalks. 6.9 acres. 

Vindicator Knob, Northeast corner of Vindicator Dr and Centennial Blvd. .8 acres. 

Westend Open Space, Westend Ave and S. 26th St. .2 acres

Winfield Scott Park, 2506 Sycamore St. 3.6 acres 

Woodland Hills Open Space, South off Beechwood Ct. Cottonwood Creek Trail access. .7 acres

Total Special Resource Area acres: 400.1

Grand Total: 14,289.4 acres