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Frequently Asked Questions

What happens if I forget to log out from a meter?
The maximum time available at the meter where you were parked is subtracted from your card the next time you use it.

Does my Easy Park card credit expire?
No, your Easy Park card credit will be valid as long as the program exists.

Where can I use my Easy park card?
Easy Park cards can be used at 1,600 on-street parking meters in the downtown and Old Colorado City areas.  Expect in the core of downtown and along Colorado Avenue in Old Colorado City.   

How much will parking cost?
The cost for parking will be no different - $1 per hour in the core downtown area and $.75 per hour at all other meters. No parking fee increases are necessary to pay for the Easy Park service. (Core downtown is Boulder Street to the North, Nevada Avenue to the East, Vermijo Street to the South, Cascade Avenue to the West).

Where can I buy my Easy Park Card?
The cards, a $6 value, are free with a minimum of $10 of pre-purchased parking. They can be purchased with cash, check or credit card at the Parking Administration Office and are also available on-line at .  Click here to purchase Your Easy Park card. (Note: $.50 postage fee added for online purchases.)

How much is the Easy Park system costing the City?
The City’s Parking System is an Enterprise and can be described as a self supported, publicly owned business that receives all of its funding from user fees – no tax dollars are used to fund these operations. Providing Easy Park convenience to customers will cost the City’s Parking System Enterprise approximately $185,000 at full implementation.  The City chose this type of system rather than a “pay and display” or other alternative because it does not require the purchase of new parking meters or running underground conduit, therefore costing much less.

What if I like paying for parking with my spare change?
All meters, including those with Easy Park option and the credit card option will continue to take change just as they always have.

Once my time runs out at a meter, could I use my Easy Park card again in the same meter?
No. Regardless of how much time you would have on your card, you are only allowed to park at a meter up until the maximum time allowed. After reaching the maximum time, your vehicle needs to be moved to avoid the risk of receiving a ticket and to sustain a vibrant downtown with access for all visitors and customers.