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General Parking Information

NEW Credit Card Meters

The City of Colorado Springs has just replaced 882 meters in the core of downtown and along Colorado Avenue through the Old Colorado City area with new credit card enabled meters.  Customers can now use a VISA or MasterCard as a payment option at these parking meters.  The hours of operation at the new meters in the downtown core have also been changed.  The new hours are 8:00 am - 6:00 pm Monday - Saturday.   All of the other parking meters will continue to accept the City's Easy Park card and all parking meters will continue to accept coins.   Visit to watch a short video about these new meters.

Off-Street Parking Facilities
All of the City owned off-street parking facilities have been privatized. A private, parking management company is currently operating them under a short-term (three-year) management agreement. Approximately every three years this contract is re-bid to ensure they are being managed in the most cost efficient manner.

On-Street Parking Facilities
The on-steet parking meter operation is managed in-house. This two-person operation is responsible for collecting and depositing all of the revenues on a weekly basis, maintain the operation and appearance of all existing meters, install all new meters and provide annual on-street stall painting.
Both the off-street parking facilities and the on-street parking meter operations are managed by Parking System Administration. The administration staff oversees all of the day to day operations and administers the parking meter hood program. Customer inquiries are also handled through the administration office at Parking Systems

Parking Budget
Annual budgeting, enhancements to parking policy and/or operations, plans for increasing system capacity, Public/Private partnerships, etc. are all developed and submitted to City Council by administration staff.

Parking Staff
Parking System Administration staff also takes an active role in the downtown community. The Parking System fills an Advisory Board Member position to both the Downtown Partnership and Downtown Business Improvement District (BID). In addition, staff is also active on the SAFE Downtown Committee and the Downtown Parking and Transportation Committee.