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Oversize and/or Overweight Vehicles

Oversize and / or Overweight vehicles require a permit from the State of Colorado DOT to move a vehicle on State Highways. These permits are valid ONLY on state highways. You must also obtain a permit from local jurisdictions also (I.E. City and County DOT departments.

Oversize / Overweight permits have travel time and route restrictions. Any violation of permit rules invalidates the permit.

The permits are issued only for non-divisible loads (I.E. roof trusses, large SMM?s such as earth scrapers, etc.)

To check on maximum widths, lengths, and height click on Width of Vehicles and then search for 42-4-504 Height & Length of Vehicles, 42-4-505 Longer Vehicle Combinations, and 42-4-510 Permits for Excess Size and Weight.