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Driver, Vehicle Inspection Reports:
If you own more than one CMV*, Part 396.11 requires the driver to prepare a report in writing at the completion of each day?s work listing any defect or deficiency discovered. There are eleven specific items the driver must inspect.
* Companies owning one truck and two or more trailers would have more than one CMV.

Hours of Service Requirements:
Part 395.8 requires all commercial vehicle drivers to prepare records of duty status (RODS).
Part 395.1( e) provides an exemption from 395.8, if the driver does not go more than 100 air miles from the point where he or she was dispatched, and the driver returns to the point of dispatch and is totally released from duty within 12 hours and the company keeps time records. The company must maintain those time records for 180 days. The time records must contain the time reporting for work, the time leaving work and the total amount of time on duty for every day of the week.


There are many additional safety regulations that must be complied with, such as tires, suspension, steering etc. All motor carriers should obtain a copy of the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations (FMCSR) to refer to, for all the safety regulations.