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Spilling Loads on Streets or Highways
Colorado Springs City Code
Chapter 10: Motor Vehicles - Article 20: Regulating the Kinds and Classes of Traffic - 10.20.104:

A. It shall be unlawful to spill, drop, leak or otherwise have escape any portion of a load carried by any vehicle on any street or highway.

Any loads that are dumped on a city street (even in new construction areas) require a permit from traffic engineering. For more information, please review this document. A popup box may appear asking for a user name and password -- just hit cancel and the document will load.

B. No vehicle carrying sand, dirt, gravel, rocks or liquids shall be driven or moved on any highway, unless the vehicle is securely covered to prevent any of its load from dropping, leaking, or otherwise escaping.

C. No vehicle carrying any substance which is by its nature subject to leakage or spillage, regardless of the manner in which it is loaded, shall be driven on any highway, unless the vehicle is securely covered to prevent any of its load from dropping, leaking or otherwise escaping.

D. Vehicles carrying loads consisting entirely of freshly prepared asphalt are exempt from the provisions of subsections B and C of this section which require loads to be covered.

E. These provisions do not apply in situations where sand, deicing agents, or abrasives are dropped for the purpose of securing traction or water or other substance sprinkled on a roadway to clean or maintain a roadway. (Ord. 90-113; Ord. 91-47; Ord. 01-42)


There are many additional safety regulations that must be complied with, such as tires, suspension, steering etc. All motor carriers should obtain a copy of the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations (FMCSR) to refer to, for all the safety regulations.

Examples of uncovered / unsecured loads (cargo)

Photo of unsecured and uncovered load

photo of unsecured cargo

photo of uncovered and too high load

Photo of unsecure lumber

Photo of unsecured construction stakes

Photo of unsecured board stakes