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City of Colorado Springs / Land Use Review / Publications & Maps / Publications


 Available Publications

  • Mixed Use Design Manual - A reference manual of mixed use development terminology and information that corresponds to standards and regulations discussed in the Zoning Code for Mixed Use zoned development.  Mixed Use (PDF - 6.7MB)
  • Traditional Neighborhood Development Design Manual - A reference manual of traditional neighborhood development terminology and information that corresponds to standards and regulations discussed in the Zoning Code for Traditional Neighborhood zoned development.
  • Colorado Springs Open Space Plan - A reference manual on the existing open space within the City of Colorado Springs.  Open Space Plan (PDF - 224KB)


  • Annexation Guide - A reference manual on how to annex properties to the City of Colorado Springs.  Annexation Plan 2006 (PDF - 2.6 MB)
  • Downtown Colorado Springs Planning Projects - In 2005 City residents, downtown property owners, elected officials, developers, local leaders, and City Staff began working together to create a vision for the future of downtown Colorado Springs. After nearly 18 months of effort, with nearly 400 participants, the Imagine Downtown Plan was finalized and adopted by the Downtown Development Authority as their 'plan of development.' From 2007 through 2009 downtown stakeholders worked with City Staff to modify the Imagine Downtown Plan to include the necessary components to qualify as an official Master Plan and replace the 15-year-old Downtown Action Plan. In 2009 the Imagine Downtown Master Plan was adopted by City Council.
Concurrent to these efforts City Staff and the stakeholders drafted a series of new development standards that will implement many of the policies and objectives of the new Master Plan. These new standards, referred to as a 'form-based code’ were created to apply specifically to our urban core with the goal of creating a more vibrant and dense Downtown with an improved pedestrian experience and a greater mix of uses.  The Downtown Colorado Springs Form-Based Zone was adopted in the summer of 2009 by City Council.  The zone’s “regulating plan” (see below) includes all the standards, guidelines and procedures applicable to land use and development in Downtown Colorado Springs.

After 2+ years of implementation, City Staff recommended a number of minor updates to the Form-Based Code.  These changes were adopted by the Downtown Review Board, the City’s Planning Commission and ultimately City Council in April of 2012.

Use the links below to review the Imagine Downtown Master Plan and the Downtown Colorado Springs Form-Based Code. If you have specific questions, contact Ryan Tefertiller, Senior Planner at 385-5382 or

The documents found on these pages are Adobe® Acrobat® PDF files and may be viewed using the free Adobe® Acrobat® Reader™. Most newer web browsers already contain the Adobe® Acrobat® Reader™ plug-in. However, if you need it, click on the "Get Acrobat® Reader™" icon to download it now. 

PDF - FBC Booklet Fact Sheet   FBC BOOKLET FACT SHEETspacer(1220.5KB)

An informational pamphlet describing the history and philosophy of form-based code as well as many of the expected benefits for Downtown Colorado Springs.

PDF - Form Based Code   FORM BASED CODEspacer(18068.5KB)

The zoning standards, guidelines and procedures that take the place of the previously existing zoning regulations in Downtown Colorado Springs.

PDF - Form Based Code Map   FORM BASED CODE MAPspacer(352.5KB)

A detailed, parcel-by-parcel map of the proposed Form-Based Zone and individual Sectors.

PDF - Landscape Design Manual   LANDSCAPE DESIGN MANUALspacer(43473.8KB)

Manual that references the standards and requirements indicated in the Landscape Code in Part 3, Article 4 of Chapter 7 of the City Code

PDF - Hillside Manual   HILLSIDE MANUALspacer(23632.1KB)
Hillside Development Design Manual.pdf

Manual that references the standards and requirements for development in the Hillside Overlay indicated in Section 4, Part 5, Article 3 of Chapter 7 of the City Code

PDF - Streamside Manual   STREAMSIDE MANUALspacer(5822.3KB)

Manual that references the standards and requirements for development in the Streamside Overlay indicated in Section 8, Parrt 5, Article 3 of Chapter 7 of the City Code

PDF - Small Lot PUD Development Guidelines   SMALL LOT PUD DEVELOPMENT GUIDELINESspacer(4119.9KB)

Guidelines for development of a small lot Planned Unit Development project

PDF - Banning Lewis Ranch Study   BANNING LEWIS RANCH STUDYspacer(6284.2KB)

Information on the Banning Lewis Ranch master-planned development community

Excel - Banning Lewis Ranch Database   BANNING LEWIS RANCH DATABASEspacer(2246.5KB)

A database that lists each master-planned parcel by schedule number and information regarding land use, area, housing and employment projections

PDF - Banning Lewis Ranch Original Ordinances   BANNING LEWIS RANCH ORIGINAL ORDINANCESspacer(1713.3KB)

A listing of the original 1987 ordinances which include the conditions of records and use restrictions