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Community Education and Outreach

FireFactor - Juvenile Firesetter Intervention Programs

FireFactor is a juvenile firesetting prevention  program designed for 6th and 7th grade P.E. and health classes.  This media and technology based presentation engages students in a thought-provoking discussion centered on the history of fire, the use of fire in today’s media, the social   acceptance of experimentation with fire, the consequences of firesetting, and decision making.  The 50-60 minute curriculum meets the Colorado State Curriculum Standards #3 and #6 for Health and Fitness.

FireFactor² is a juvenile firesetting intervention program for children that have been involved in a firesetting incident or that show a great interest or curiosity about fire. FireFactor²  provides an opportunity for a child’s level of firesetting/fire play to be evaluated through an assessment with the child and their parents. That session is then followed up with a 3-hour group class led by fire department personnel and an adult burn survivor.  

In some instances, referrals are made for a child to receive additional help through mental health resources if deemed necessary for crisis, delinquent or pathological firesetting tendencies. Since the program’s inception, the rate of recidivism for children that have participated in the program has been less than 1%.   

FireFactor+ is a juvenile firesetting parenting program for parents and guardians of children that have been involved in a firesetting incident or that show a great interest or curiosity about fire. Typically held in conjunction to the FireFactor² program, this educational course for parents allows for parents to gain important information from the fire department in regards to home fire safety, warning signs for recidivism as well as an opportunity to ask questions. A mental health professional is also available to offer education and resources about parenting, communication techniques with children and for open discussion and questions. 

SafetyFactor - Injury Prevention Programs

SafetyFactor² for Kids is a FREE injury prevention and safety program designed for 2nd grade students. While fire safety skills are important, children in this age group are also prone to preventable accidents and injury. The program teaches 2nd graders a skill set in preventing injuries from falls, bicycling and sports, to burns and household hazards. Students are empowered with the knowledge to prevent these accidents from occurring as well as the tools to take charge of an emergency situation by activating 9-1-1 and assisting themselves and their families. Program participant feedback from teachers, pre and post skills tests and evaluation will be used to measure program effectiveness.

SafetyFactor+ for Families is FREE injury prevention and safety program designed for adults who are caretakers of young children ages 0-6 years old as well as caretakers of older adults.  The information provided aims to empower adults with the knowledge they need to provide safe environments and experiences for their children as well as safety skills that they can share with older adults. These older adults, ages 65 and older, may be serving as caretakers to young children as grandparents but are also a high-risk audience with a need to acquire safety skills to prevent accidents that frequently occur to their age group. Program participant feedback, follow-up and evaluation will be included. Presentation Topics: Burn prevention, cooking safety, helmets and bike safety, outdoor safety for children, emergency phone numbers to know, basic first aid, choking and poisoning prevention, basic CPR and fire safety skills.


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